Skype now available on Windows Phone 7

Skype WP7 Login

Logging in to Skype on my HTC HD7

Good news for the WP7 owners ( or to-be owners ) out there, Microsoft has finally launched their Skype App.  You can download the free Skype app right now at this link…  I think this is great, and while this is the first release, I believe Microsoft will polish it up over time for all the current and future WP7 owners out there.

The #1 complaint I’ve seen so far is that the app does not use a background agent, and I agree this is bad.  Basically means, the only way to rock Skype(at the time of this article) is to have it actively open, Major Whammy YIKES!!

I’m not the world’s biggest Skype user, but it absolutely comes in clutch from time to time.  I use all the big 3 devices, Android, iPhone(iPad), and WP7, along with Mac and Windows so I am spoiled enough to the point that I expect apps like Skype to be available on whatever device I plan to use that day.

So, I’ve given you the link to the free app,  and here are some more screenshots I took on my own HTC HD7 while installing and prepping skype for my own useage.

What do YOU think about this news, and the app itself ?

What do you think about WP7?

I’ve owned and used one for over a year, and while I now am using the Samsung Galaxy S2 on TMobile, I have no beef with WP7.  I just enjoy switching up devices a lot.  It helps me write this blog :)

Skype WP7 Pin to Start

Skype WP7 Pin to Start

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