Total War Battles : The Eighth Shrine SPOILER-Solution ( PITA )

iPad The Eighth Shrine Level Intro

8th Shrine Beat my score, 2:20

Here you go, the **SPOILER** for Sega Total War Battle’s “The Eighth Shrine” experience level for the iPad.  Dang man, this was nasty and I am very happy to now share my solution with you.. However, you can use what you learned in “The Valley of the Seven Shrines” to get past this challenge.  A great bonus for you is 300 Bonus Points to improve your economy and military efficiency, very helpful for the challenging Levels ahead.  Sega Total War Battles is a Real Time Strategy game for you iPad and iPhone. ( Certainly a best experience is had on the iPad3 Retina Display )


** GO BACK TO THE 7th Shrine to Maximize your score, or for nostalgia **


4 shrines on the right, 4 shrines on the left.   Start in the Center using my guide, build the Main Town Center, then proceed to the right side.

Total War The Eighth Shrine CENTER SETUP

Lay The Town Center, and then 2 Trading Posts Left and Right

For the RIGHT SIDE, just use a similar solution to the Seven Shrines but push everything further out to the right, the last shrine is on the very edge.  On the left side, because of that damn tree I had to get creative.  I was able to finally get that 8th shrine by adding a second Lumber Yard, and I assure you things are packed in tight every rotation counts, kinda like Tetris in a way.

Total War The Eighth Shrine RIGHT SIDE SETUP

Everything gets pushed to the Right Edge for 8th Shrine

On the LEFT SIDE, you will grow to hate that damn tree. So we’ll just work around it.  I tried many many different variations, but I was always one hexagon off due to less space. However,  for my final solution, I had to add an additional LUMBER YARD!  With the added space from starting further over to the right, you can now add your 2nd lumber yard, and bury 2 more shrines behind the tree.  Once I tried this approach, my solution came swiftly.

Total War Battles The Eighth Shrine LEFT SIDE

Add a 2nd Lumber Yard, Bury 2 Shrines to the Left of the Tree

Well, there you go now you can spend your 300 Experience Points, Improve your Army and move on to more challenging Levels.

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