A Quick $10 for Free. Google Wallet Success on my Android Galaxy Nexus

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PayPass Terminal Works with Google Wallet

“Make your phone your wallet”
The Google Wallet mobile app allows you to pay online and in brick-and-mortar stores that accept Google Wallet, you can pay by tapping your phone at the point of sale.  Currently it comes pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  You can pay with Google Wallet anywhere MasterCard PayPass is accepted

I recently picked up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Google Play to compare with my other Android the TMobile Galaxy S2One feature I had to try is the much hyped Google Wallet, which utilizes NFC ( near field communication) technology.  ( a secure chip in your phone )  Would I continually use Google Wallet ? Yes, but I do see it as a competitor to my beloved PayPal.  Regardless, the concept of paying with my phone is cool.  As a light germaphobe, I hope that at some point, many years in the future,  dirty filthy currency will become far less used.  I’d also like to be able to commonly bump my phone to exchange info or  pay a friend for lunch or stuff like that, but it will be a long time if ever, as we need widespread adoption and other methods may arise.

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Setup was easy enough on the Wallet App using my Gmail account, and once complete I indeed had the $10 free pre-loaded on my Google Card “PayPass” card.  Interestingly, the web browser version is completely different than the app stores on my phone, this is kind of lame, but I assume it will be “fixed” in the future.  At my local gas station, I’ve forever seen that PayPass terminal but I’ve never been able to use it.  But with my new Galaxy Nexus, I bumped and paid courtesy of Google’s free $10 for trying the service.  Booya !

Google Wallet Galaxy Nexus Free $10

After Setup My $10 is Ready to Spend

The cashier had zero issues, he was ready for me to “pay with credit” by bumping my phone on the PayPass terminal.  I was scared I was going to have to explain like I did with my Vudu/Walmart Disc2Digital debacle.  But no, it made little difference to the cashier whether I was swiping cards or bumping phones.  This was refreshing.  Curious of my “bleeding edge tech adoption” I asked if I was the first to use the system, and sadly, I was NOT.  I was his second ever customer try pay with the Phone Bump NFC Google Wallet Method :(  Although my nerd-pride was hurt, I was happy to have such a successful test on Google’s dime.


  • Just setup the Wallet App on your phone
  •  Go to the store with a PayPass terminal, tell them “Pay with Credit”
  • Unlock your phone and press the back against the terminal.  ( i’m unlocking with my Face and Pin :) )
  • Enter your PIN if requested ( you may have to bump the device again )
  • If successful, you’ll get a new screen indicating successful payment and your teller will hand you a receipt to sign(since it’s credit).
    • If Not, the App will ask you to press your device to the terminal again. No sweat, I had to the first time. ( rookie lol )
Google Wallet Transaction History Android galaxy Nexus

Google Wallet Transaction History

Saving Money With Wallet!  A Bonus add-on to Google Wallet is that it offers discounts/coupons and offers to legit retail stores when you pay with your phone.  Just click on “OFFERS” in your App and see some nice discounts, stuff like 10%-15%  off etc..

Google Wallet Deals Offers

Some Nice Deals for Paying with Google Wallet. Worth a thought.

If you’re curious about availability, there is a great add-on app ( which I think should be built into wallet ) that finds PayPass terminals near your location.  It worked great, and I recommend you download this free app now ( if curious ), or after you get your Nexus or NFC enabled phone.  Here is the link to the PayPass Locator, on the Play Store.

Galaxy Nexus Free Mastercard PayPass Locator App

Free App Finds PayPass Terminals Near you


I don’t know if Wallet / NFC tech will thrive or if it’s dead already, but I thought it was pretty cool and a good experience.  As I continue to use Google Wallet, I will just pre-load money onto the default card.  If you have an NFC / Google Wallet enabled phone, I’d say go spend $10 on Google.  Now-a-days a phone is as commonly carried as a wallet / purse, it might as well serve as a payment method as well.  I like Google Wallet and services like this, I hope they succeed, I’ll test them out :)

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    Excellent informative article. I am interested to see how many paypass terminals there are. I will give it a go and download the locater app as well. Thanks Booya…