How To Screen Capture with T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (No Root, SGH-T989)

How To Screen Capture TMobile Galaxy S2 Pic

My T-Mobile White Galaxy S2

Congrats if you own the very nice T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Android !  It’s a great phone, but I don’t like their flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich.   When it comes to screen capture on your Galaxy S2, it’s pretty easy on this device and does not require Rooting(XDA Link).


  • Quickly Press and Release the HOME AND POWER buttons simultaneously.
  • The screen will blink and you will get a message indicating success: “Screen Captured. Saved as Image File
  • It’s a quirky key-combo because Power is a physical button while Home is a touch button.
  • You cannot Screen Capture while your device is plugged in via USB AND Connected as USB Storage.  ( It’s OK To plugin while screen capturing, but disable USB Storage Mode if you have it enabled. )


  • The Pics are sent to your phone’s base folder level  into the “ScreenCapture” Folder.
  • You can browse the images using the “Gallery” app or Use the built in “Files” App or download my favorite tool ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store aka Android Market.
  • BAD NEWS:  On this device, screen captured images are NOT able to be auto-uploaded to Dropbox or Google Plus/Picasa… So you’ll always have to transfer them as needed.  ( at least at the time of this article )
TMobile Galaxy S2 Screen Capture

Screen Captured. Easy

tmobile samsung galaxy s2 screen capture folder

ScreenCapture Folder and Success message

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  1. tbailen says:

    I was having the hardest time getting a screenshot to take on my ICS Galaxy SII until I found that it’s VERY IMPORTANT TO PRESS THE POWER BUTTON A SPLIT SECOND BEFORE PRESSING HOME. I’m now able to take a screenshot every time. You need to press both keys very close in time, but press power slightly before home. It was driving me nuts before! Home+Power doesn’t work if you press Home first.
    Power+(0.1sec delay)+Home and hold for a second or two is the way to go.