Review: Seidio Desktop Cradle Dock Kit for Apple iPhone 4(Great!)

Seidio Desktop Cradle Kit for Apple iPhone 4

Seidio Desktop Cradle Kit for Apple iPhone 4

If you need a cradle / dock as a stand and charger for your Apple iPhone 4 / 4s I recommend you consider the Seidio Desktop dock / cradle (AmazonLink).  So far it’s one of my top iPhone Accessories, and its flexibility to be used with or without a case is a slick feature that adds some future proofing value to your beloved iPhone 4/4s.  I own it, I use it daily, and I recommend it. The current price on Amazon is ~$27


The dock comes with a small adapter plate that you can utilize depending on whether or not you have a case on your phone.  I do have a case, and I can confirm that it does fit, I’ve seen some reviews that some very super-thick cases ( like some Otterbox models) may not fit so please double check reviews on Amazon.  But my in my situation, my simple Cygnett Case fits wonderfully(adapter plate removed since I have a case).  If you do not use a case for your iPhone 4, then you would insert the provided adapter to ensure a nice snug fit for your docking setup.

Seidio Desktop Cradle Kit for Apple iPhone 4 Main Adapter Plate

Main Stand and Adapter Plate


The Seidio Desktop Cradle/Dock has some weight and a sturdy feel to it, so it serves as a nice solid base for your iPhone when on a hard surface.  When docked your iPhone 4/4s will stable and you can press buttons on the screen without fear of the unit tipping over.  I wouldn’t play a game on it when docked, but it’s great for watching a video, scrolling web pages, charging, and or serving as your nightstand / alarm clock next to your bed.  I’ve used some annoying smart phone stands that tip over at the slightest touch ( like this from Sinjimoru ).   This Seidio iPhone Dock is bottom-heavy and  able to withstand a “normal” touch required for most functions.


The connection on the back of the stand is MICRO USB, the other end is standard male USB that can plug directly into your PC/Mac or the USB to Power adapter provided in the box.  If enabled you can both sync and charge your phone.   Since most of us iPhone 4 owners (hopefully) use WiFi Sync at least for app updates, the charging only as a nightstand clock should suffice often.  But if you want to charge and manually sync big vids or pics to something like iPhoto consider other products (or an auto upload service like Google+)  If you WiFi sync pics to iTunes and not iPhoto then again, you’re good to go already.  ( I use iPhoto, and thus physically plugin to my Mac when I want to sync pics/vids from my iPhone )

Seidio Desktop Cradle Kit for Apple iPhone 4

REAR MICRO USB POWER. Seidio Desktop Cradle Kit

Here is my Video Review of the iPhone 4 Seidio iPhone Cradle / Dock

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