K9 Unit Black Ops 2 COD Scorestreak Pics and Gameplay

K9 Unit Black Ops 2 COD Scorestreak gameplay

The K9 Unit Scorestreak is very cool and effective, but it’s expensive at 1,700 points required. I tend to get to my level two scorestreak max. But I caught these attack dogs killing me while recording for future videos.

I’m not a Black Ops 2 all star, so I don’t get huge Scorestreaks, however, I played against an opponent tonight that unleashed the vicious Kevlar Protected K9 Unit German Shepherds on me.  I lost the battle..

K9 Unit Black Ops 2 COD Scorestreak gameplay Booya Gadget

YES, the K9 Unit has a kevlar vest, very cool. But other scorestreaks are just as effective. If I got Big Scorestreaks a lot I would turn this on. But I’ll stick with UAV, Anti UAV and Sentry. Booya !

The good news is that I happened to be recording it as I’m working on a few strategy videos, so I thought I’d share the gameplay of the dogs killing me and a couple screen captures.   The COD Black Ops 2 K9 Unit is pretty cool, but it’s so expensive that it’s not a Tier 3 scorestreak that I tend to use.  I can score a lot of points, but it’s hard for me to get all the way up to 1,700 points on a scorestreak.

Although I’m an animal lover, and have a dog myself, I was happy to take out 1 of these K9 attackers with my Riot Shield !  Booya !

Here is the Gameplay Video if you want to see what the K9 Units are all about if you have enough skill to rack up 1,700 scorestreak enough.  And remember, like any other scorestreak, hit RIGHT on the D-PAD to activate the DOGS.    WOOF WOOF ARRFFFFFF.

K9 Unit Black Ops 2 COD Scorestreak Pics and Gameplay

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