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    Sony’s Next Portable is the PS Vita, Starting at $249

    June 7th, 2011

    Sony announced that the formerly known NGP would become the PlayStation Vita – WiFi and will be available to gamers starting at $249 for the WiFi only version.  AT & T will carry a 3G model that will be available for $299 and should be in our hands by the end of the year. Over 80 developers are rumored to be working on Vita titles and Sony is promising a very strong line-up by the launch date.  Some of the games expected to be launched on the new handheld were shared at the E3 Press Conference.

    Sony PS Vita Booya Gadget (1)

    Sony PS Vita Booya Gadget (1)

    This is exciting news for the handheld community and I have to admit I am very excited for this product to hit the shelves.  With the rapidly growing tablet market and everyone carrying smartphones the true gamer in me was worried about the health of  hard core handheld gaming.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Angry Birds, but truth be told deeper titles like Kingdom Hearts are where my true gaming love resides.  Keeping the true portable gaming model alive means that the heavy hitter developers can keep bringing us expansive story-driven titles like the Uncharted Series.

    The ability to cross-platform titles with my PS3 has always been a high priority for me as a handheld and console gamer.  I have always wanted my portable Sony console to be an extension of my home console.  Sony announced that the PS Vita will be able to cross-platform with some PS3 titles.  Wipeout will be one of those titles that supports this feature.  Be sure to grab up your Free Copy of Wipeout HD Fury for your PS3 from the Welcome Back Program if you haven’t already bought this high speed racer.

    The handheld also supports “party chat,” which will enable gamers to chat with their Playstation friends across the network, regardless of which game they each are playing.

    After the dust settled the news that brought joy to my heart was the price structure.  With $600 tablets becoming the norm and the fiasco of the price point of the PS3, I feared that Sony would cripple their latest handheld with a high price.  However, they delivered in my opinion with an affordable price and two very nice options.

    WiFi only at $249 is a good price and a great option for a gamer like myself.  I am not going to change my carrier to get a PS Vita and I actually have no interest in a 3G gaming only handheld.  Keeping the price under 300 bucks makes this a day one purchase for me and keeps me excited for this release later this year.

    You can pre-order today at Amazon – PlayStation Vita – WiFi




    How To: Package your Google Chrome Extensions and Install

    May 25th, 2011

    So you have just finished learning how to create your own personal Google Chrome Extensions.  Feeling like a developer you would love nothing more than to share you latest Web Extension with your friends.  There are only a few steps in the process and before long all your friends will be enjoying your work.

    • Step #1 – Package That Extension

    In creating the extension I showed you how to “load unpacked extensions” and install your extension within your Chrome Browser.  However, this time we are going to “Pack extension” for delivery to you friends.  Click the wrench in your Google Chrome browser and scroll down to Tools, then click on Extensions.

    HowTo Create Google Chrome Web Extensions (1)

    A new tab will open up and you will see a list of all the extensions you have installed.  Click on “Pack extension” and a dialogue box will pop-up on the screen.  Browse for an “Extension Root Directory,” which is the folder that your extension is located in.  Select that folder and click OK to continue.  You can set a “Private Key” for you extension, which is basically a password.  This is an optional step, but if you do choose to set a password make sure you don’t forget it.  Once you are ready click OK and the extension will be packaged.  Chrome will create a .CRX file, this is your extension is a nicely wrapped package.


    Packaged Extension Google Chrome

    • Step #2 – Install That Extension

    In our last tutorial, How To Create an Extension for Google Chrome, I had you do the install Unpacked.  This time, and for the sake of your non-technical friends we are going to install the extension packaged.  I am trying to drag this out for effect, but the reality is that installing an extension in Chrome is a simple as dragging the .CRX file into the browser where you have all of your Apps.  Chrome will ask you if you are sure the file is safe, click OK and the extension will install.

    Installing a CRX File extension in Google Chrome

    There you have it.  And just for reading I will share some of our Booya created Extensions, that really work like Web Apps.  If you are interested download our ESPN3 and Hulu Plus Apps.

    Hulu Plus

    Hulu Plus

    ESPN Watch Icon

    ESPN Watch Icon

    Booya Gadget Chrome Web Apps (1)

    Each of these Apps will install under your Apps area within Google Chrome.  If you are having any trouble downloading the Apps, right click “Save As” and save the App to your computer so that you can manually drag it into your App area.  Otherwise Chrome will attempt to install the extension automatically and you may get an error message.   Enjoy!  Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook!  Thanks for visiting Booya Gadget! Booya!


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    How To: Create Google Chrome Web Extensions

    May 23rd, 2011
    Google Chrome Web Store

    Google Chrome Web Store

    So you have followed BooyaGadget’s tutorial on How To: Create Google Chrome Web Apps, but you have hit a roadblock. The problem is that you want to create an App for your favorite site, but you are not the owner. Well there is a work-around, it won’t be public, but it will work in your Browser and let’s be honest, Chrome Web Apps are just beautiful glorified bookmarks. That being said, I love them, and I use them everyday so I would like to have all my favorite sites right there with all my Google Chrome Web Apps.

    The first thing you will need is your favorite website. In this tutorial I will use, which is not present in the Google Chrome Web Store. This process will work for all your favorites and once you have done the process once, you will spend more time creating the icons.

    • Step #1

    Create a “Manifest” using notepad.  Similar to creating a Web App, you need to copy this code and save it as “manifest.json”

    {“name”: “ESPN“,”
    description”: “Watch Live Sports Online“,”
    version”: “1.0”,”
    icons”: {
    “128”: “icon_espn.png
    “app”: {
    “urls”: [
    “launch”: {
    “web_url”: “
    “permissions”: [

    This extension is for, but if you would like to make changes just edit the bold lines to fit your needs.   The icon must have the same name as the icon that you will create.  The icon must also be 128×128 to work for the extension.  Once you have finished this manifest place it into a folder named for your extension.  In this example I am going to place the manifest into a folder named ESPN3.

    • Step #2
    ESPN Watch Icon

    ESPN Watch Icon

    Create an Icon for your extension.  As mentioned above the icon must be 128 x 128 and named exactly as you have called it out in the manifest.  Typically for commercial products that I am converting to extensions I will do a Google Search for an Icon.  Most companies now have created icons for the numerous Apps that are now floating around in all the different marketplaces.  Feel free to be creative and create one yourself if you like.  When you are finished place the icon in the same folder as your manifest, in this case ESPN3.

    • Step #3

    Installing your extension is very simple.  Click on the setting icon for Google Chrome and scroll down until you see Tools.  Under the Tools tab you will see Extensions.  This will open a new tab in Chrome and you will see a list of previously installed Extensions.

    HowTo Create Google Chrome Web Extensions (1)


    Click on “Load Unpacked Extension” and navigate to your created Folder.  Select the folder and click OK.  This will install your extension.

    HowTo Create Google Chrome Web Extensions (2)

    There it is, open a new tab and your new extension will be there waiting for you.  Click on it to give it a test drive and make sure that it is working properly.  Repeat this process for all your favorite websites that aren’t in the Chrome Web Store.  You can see from my screenshot that I have also created a Hulu Plus extension.  As I said before, you’ll spend more time tracking down or creating icons. Booya!

    HowTo Create Google Chrome Web Extensions (3)

    Don’t forget for all things Chrome, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or just subscribe here at BooyaGadget!


    Free Google Chrome Web App: Angry Birds

    May 20th, 2011

    Free Chrome Web App - Angry Birds Chrome Dimension

    Free Chrome Web App - Angry Birds Chrome Dimension 128

    Free Chrome Web App - Angry Birds Chrome Dimension 128

    The Google Chrome Web Store is alive and well and they are giving away everyone’s favorite game, Angry Birds.  In addition to this freebie they have added the “Chrome Dimension,” which adds 7 more levels specifically designed for your Chrome Browser App.  The keys to these new levels are hidden withing the current Angry Bird levels.

    The Angry Bird Chrome Web App plays right inside your Google Chrome Browser and felt just like any of Angry Bird versions I have ever played.  The game autosaves your progress within your browser so the next time you log-in you can pick up right where you left off and since you are playing in the cloud you can play your game from whatever PC you can find.


    Everything is done with the mouse.  The wheel will zoom you in and out, while moving the mouse up, down, left, and right will navigate you around the screen.  Simply press and hold the left mouse button over the bird in the slingshot, move the mouse to select your speed and trajectory.  Once you are happy with your set-up, let go.  For Birds that require mid-flight moves, click the left mouse button to activate those specials.

    Chrome Dimension

    Rovio has added 7 new levels to Angry Birds, but the twist is you have to find them first. The first hidden Chrome Icon doesn’t appear until Level 1-16.  Located high above the action in the far right corner of the screen is a ledge with a chrome icon.  Fire one of your Birds, hit the icon and unlock the first of seven Chrome Dimension Levels.

    If you’re struggling with the all new Angry Birds Chrome levels:  here is our walkthru for 3 Stars on 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3 to help you out !

    Free Chrome Web App - Angry Birds Chrome Dimension (5)

    You will need to use the mouse wheel to zoom all the way out.  Then launch your Bird towards the ledge.  I am going to lie to you and tell you that I hit it on my first try. Either way at some point you will make a direct hit and you will be rewarded with this.

    Free Chrome Web App - Angry Birds Chrome Dimension (6)

    You do not have to complete the level, you can exit the game and go right into Chrome Dimension.  You will notice that a level is now available for selection.  The new level that you have just opened will look just like this.

    Free Chrome Web App - Angry Birds Chrome Dimension (7)

    So there you have it.  One more spin on the viral game that is Angry Birds.  This version is well worth it since the price is FREE and it plays right in your browser.  This will only work for all you Google Chrome Minions out there, since Google Chrome Web Apps are only currently compatible with the Chrome Browser.  This really isn’t a problem for all the guys and girls out there like me that have already sworn their life to all things Google.  So what are you waiting for, go pick it up.  Plus there are load of other free games and apps in the Chrome Web Store just waited to be played with.  You might even find BooayGadget in there.  Booya!


    For those of you who don’t want to know where the other Chrome Dimension Levels are hidden then I will advise you to stop reading right now.  For those of you who need to know……here ya go:

    1. Unlocked in Poached Eggs Level 1-16
    2. Unlocked in Poached Eggs Level 1-18
    3. Unlocked in Poached Eggs Level 1-20
    4. Unlocked in Poached Eggs Level 2-4
    5. Unlocked in Poached Eggs Level 2-20
    6. Unlocked in Poached Eggs Level 3-7
    7. Unlocked in Poached Eggs Level 3-14



    How to Develop a Google Chrome Web App

    May 19th, 2011

    So Google has a Web Store full of Apps that you can use within Google Chrome.  Apps that span an entire spectrum from family fun to all your social networking needs.  Want to easily access your favorite sites or play Angry Birds on the office dime.  Its all there as long as you are a Google Chrome user.

    How To Develop a Google Chrome App4

    As an avid Google user, one might argue that Google currently owns my entire life when it comes to the world wide web, I have found myself using these little apps more and more each day.  Its to the point that I now have an app for all my favorite sites.  However, one of my favorite sites, Booya Gadget was missing from the store.  I figured that I would not only fix that massive error, but I would show you how to make your own Chrome Web Apps, so that you can share your blog with the world.

    Head on over to your Developer’s Dashboard to get started and here are the steps to get your Blog in the Google Web Store:

    How To Develop a Google Chrome App (3)

    Verify your Blog– Google wants to know that you own your blog so you will have to verify it with Google Webmaster Tools.

    Buck up – Five bucks to be exact.  To publish your final product it will cost you 5 dollars.  This is a one time fee so once you fork it over, you can publish as many apps as you like.

    Create A Folder – On your desktop create a folder and give it the name of your blog.  In my case, we are doing the Booya Gadget site, I will name my folder “BooyaGadget”

    Create A Manifest – Using notepad open up a new document.  Cut and paste the following code into your new document.  Fill in the appropriate data for you blog and save this file as “manifest.json” and store it in the folder you created.

        "name": "Name of Your Blog",
        "description": "Description of Your Blog",
        "version": "0.1",
        "icons": {
            "128": "icon_128.png"
        "app": {
            "urls": [
            "launch": {
                "web_url": ""


    Booya Gadget Icon

    Booya Gadget Icon

    Create your Icon – The icon must be 128 x 128 and saved in .png format.  This is the icon that will display in the Chrome Browser, so make it nice.  Save the file as “icon_128.png” and place it in the folder with your Manifest.

    Compress Your Folder – With the Manifest and Icon inside compress your folder into a ZIP File.  Name the ZIP File the name of your Blog.

    Upload your App – From your Developer’s Dashboard click “Add A New Item”  This will allow you to upload your ZIP File.

    Describe Your App – Now that you have uploaded your App it is time to fill in the descriptions so that users will know what they can expect when they install your App.  Upload some Screenshots or images of your blog that best describe your Blog.  These files must be 400 x 175 and saved in .PNG format.  Fill in all the required information for your App page, remember that this is the page that users will see before deciding to download your App.

      How To Develop a Google Chrome App

    Publish Your App – There are two choices for publishing. You can publish your app “for testers,” which will allow you to send your App to emails you choose for testing.  The other option is to publish your app to the Web Store.  If you feel you have done all you can and your App is ready to go live, then hit the Publish Button.

    How To Develop a Google Chrome App (2)

    Now you are in the Google Web Store.  Give yourself a huge BOOYA!  Hey, while you are there you might want to download the Booya Gadget App.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and Subscribe here at the Blog.


    Free PSP Mini: Enigmo

    May 12th, 2011
    Free PSP MINI: Enigmo

    Free PSP MINI: Enigmo

    *UPDATE* PS Plus Subscribers FREE time limit for this Mini has expired*

    Enigomo is a Free PSP Mini for PSN Plus Subscribers.  Brought to the PSN by Beatshapers, this puzzle game will challenge the way you think as there are countless solutions to each level as you bounce, re-direct, and shoot water, fire and oil around the map to fill your urns in the allotted time.

    • Gameplay

    The concept is simple, get the drops of fluid into their respective buckets, but the execution can be very difficult.  Early levels are fairly simple as the main goal is to use the tool sets to direct the water into the blue urn.  However, once you dig deeper into the game, lava and oil are added to the mix and a combination of tools and steps are required to move water, lava, and oil into their blue, red, and green urns.

    Free PSP MINI - Enigmo

    Using the 8 different tools that include bumpers, sliders, accelerators, and sponges to re-direct the liquid the user attempts to fill each urn with 40 droplets of liquid.  Once the urns are full of liquid the level ends and the points are rewarded.  There is no time limit for a level so you can work out the puzzle at your own pace.  However, the bonus points that will create your score are ticking away while you work.  Thus, the faster you move the higher your score.

    There are 50 levels to keep you busy, each one harder than the last.  If you are interested in seeing this game in action I have completed a video that will walk-thru levels 14 & 15. Keep in mind that this is a puzzle game so if you are not wanting one of the many solutions for these levels to be spoiled……you have been warned.

    • Impressions

    This is a great puzzle game.  As I said in the video, the game was difficult for me to pick up, but I don’t want that to deter from the game itself.  If you love puzzle games like Lemmings, then you will enjoy this game.  Not to mention it will cost you nothing if you are a Playstation Plus Subscriber.  For those of you that are not Plus Subs, it will set you back 4 dollars and you can get the Enigmo [Online Game Code] from Amazon or you can pick it up in the Playstation Store.  Booya!

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    Free PSP Mini: Let’s Golf

    May 6th, 2011

    Another FREE PSP MINI from the PSN.  This time it takes us to the links, Gameloft’s Let’s Golf.  This Golf Mini sports 4 Golf Courses with 4 unique characters.  The characters are customizable and each carry a different set of abilities.  Fiji Beach, American Mountains, English Countryside, and Scottish Lochs are the featured locations in the game and there is a multiplayer option for the PSP.

    Free PSP MINI Lets Golf

    There are four different game modes in the game:

    • Instant Golf – This is a quick 3 Hole round of Golf.  The game randomly selects the holes from the 4 courses in the game.  This mode is excellent for those who are looking for a quick golf fix, while out on the go.
    • Hot Seat – This is the Multi-player mode.  In this mode players can use one PSP and play together by passing the PSP in a turn-based golf round.  A very nice addition for a Mini.
    • Tournament – This mode allows for a deeper, more challenging round of golf. Users can play in 9 or 18 hole tournaments against the CPU, unlocking customizable items for their characters.  Only two of the four characters are selectable when you begin tournaments, users will have to unlock the other two by winning matches.  There are different levels of difficulty as well to make the game a bit more challenging and much more enjoyable.
    • Free Hole – This mode lets golfers select any of the holes within the game to play at their leisure.  Great for playing holes that have challenged you in the past.


    No real surprises here as Let’s Golf uses the old standby – 3 click Golf.  Hit the X button to start your swing, hit the X button at the top of the arc to set your power, then hit the X button one final time right in the middle of the green bar to set your accuracy.  If you have ever play a round of Hot Shots Golf this will feel very familiar.

    Using Triangle you can take a look around before your swing to check your landing zone. Using the D-Pad you can move the direction of your shot to the left or right.  A wind meter will let you know the current conditions before you grip it and rip it.

    Free PSP MINI Lets Golf (2)

    One facet of the shot screen I didn’t like was that once you have set up your shot the power bar is not on the screen.  After you press X, the power bar appears and starts its climb to the top, you will notice this in the video.  For some reason this seemed uncomfortable for me, but I did learn that if you don’t hit X at the top of the swing the power bar will return to the bottom and start over.

    Putting is your typical grid layout where red is high and blue is low.  Small dots will move left to right at various speeds to show you the break on the green.  Another problem I had with the game was that you only were allowed a behind the golfer view and behind the hole view of the green.  For very long putts in the game it was difficult to get a good read on the green without a closer look.

    Free PSP MINI Lets Golf (3)

    Want a closer look at the game. Watch our Video.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall I thought this was a very simple and easy Golf game.  Because of the price tag, which is FREE for PSN Plus subscribers I would have to recommend anyone looking for a Golf fix on their PSP should grab this from the PSN.  However, I can’t say that I prefer to play it daily.  If it came down to buying this MINI, I would probably spend the extra few bucks on Hot Shots Golf.

    Hot Shots Golf is a much deeper Arcade Golf Game that gives you alot more characters, more courses, better ball physics, a deep career mode,  and online multi-player.  The other edge to Hot Shots is that a round of 9 holes will take you the same time on Hot Shots as it does on Let’s Golf.  I am a big fan of the Hot Shots Series so I am probably harder on this game than most, but to re-iterate, this game is FREE on the PSN for Plus Subscribers so pick it up today. Booya!

    If you are not a PSN Plus Sub get the Let’s Golf [Online Game Code] from

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    Free PSP MINI: Vector TD!

    May 5th, 2011

    Another FREE PSP MINI from Sony.  Vector TD is a Real-Time Tower Defense Game that requires tons of strategy and can be quite addictive.  Created by Frima Studios, creators of A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks.  Vector TD has you strategically place towers around the map to eventually kill 7 different variations of enemy Vectoid.

    Free PSP MINI Vector TD

    The Towers

    • Green Towers

    These towers fire green laser beams at the Vectoid.  They repeatedly fire at the enemy until it is destroyed.  Level 2 and 3 of the green towers have so much damage points that their beams will reflect off of the initial Vectoid and damage nearby Vectoid.

    • Red Towers

    Unlike the green towers these towers are very different at each level.  Level 1 Red Towers fires rapid laser beams at the Vectoids, while Level 2 Red Towers fire multiple shots at nearby Vectoids.  Level 3 Red Towers are a very powerful weapon in the game.  These towers will fire homing rockets at the Vectoid.  They can change course mid-flight and once a Vectoid is destroyed they can bounce off and move to the next Vectoid.

    • Purple Towers

    These towers work like the Green Towers, but they have the ability to store their energy.  This allows them to make much more powerful laser bursts that will not only damage the Vectoid, but slow them down.

    • Blue Towers

    The Towers have the ability to slow down the enemy Vectoid.  Level 1 Blue Towers are equipped with a laser that will do very little damage to the Vectoid late in the game, but the ability to slow down the Vectoid will allow other Towers to clean up and do the dirty work.  Level 2 and 3 Blue Towers will increase their damage hit points and also slow down oncoming Vectoid.

    Bonus Points

    Once every five waves there is a Bonus Vectoid. Once defeated the player will receive a bonus credit.  This credit can be redeemed by choosing one of the four bonus options.

    • Damage Booster – The damage for each tower within range of the Booster is increased by 25%.
    • Range Booster – The range for each tower within range of the Booster is increased by 25%.
    • Interest Increase – This will increase the interest paid for destroying vectoid waves by 3%.
    • Panic – Choosing this option will give you an additional 5 lives.

    Strategy! Strategy! Strategy!

    Free PSP MINI Vector TD (2)

    When playing Vector TD it is important to get comfortable, these games will take some time.  Later in the video you will see that just beating Switch-Back takes me 36 minutes and that is one of the easiest maps in the game.  Your strategy hat is essential and mistakes will cost time and money and lead to the Vectoid escaping.  The object is simple, destroy all Vectoid before they complete the maze.  If a Vectoid leaves the map you will lose one of your 20 lives and once your lives are gone the game is over.  There are 50 waves of Vectoid.

    Before we go to the tape I want to explain the strategy I used to defeat all 50 waves.  I have seen this strategy defeat even harder maps and it worked very well on Switch-Back.  The basics of the strategy is to use Level 1 Blue towers ($300) spaced around the map so that the Vectoids are always traveling at a snails pace.  Once you have saved enough money its time to place Level 3 Red Towers in the middle of the map and by using your Bonus Vectoids to purchase Damage and Range Booster, you should be able to target the entire map with these Red Towers.  Add some additional Level 3 Red Towers to help and you will beat the first level of Vector TD.

    Want to see it all in action, watch the video.  Keep your eyes peeled because I had to speed it up so you don’t have to sit through the entire 36 minute video.


    I really like this PSP Mini and would have spent the 2 bucks on it if it wasn’t already FREE for PSN Plus Subscribers.  The strategy is amazing and if you want to absolutely kill an hour of your life in the fastest way possible, saddle up to one of the expert maps. I have played games that are approaching the 40 wave mark and I am already pushing an hour of gameplay and my brain is on overdrive trying to come up with new strategies to get to the finish.

    This game is probably not for the bus ride to work and most of the time it feels like a full-fledged PSP game.  For the Real-Time Strategy fans out there I can’t recommend this game enough.  I run alot of RTS on the computer and this is a great little RTS fix on my PSPgo.  Get it today, if you are a PSN Plus Subscriber it will cost you nothing. Booya!

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    Free PSP Mini: Pix’n Love Rush!

    April 28th, 2011

    *UPDATE* PS Plus Subscribers FREE time limit for this Mini has expired*

    PSN Plus Subscribers can get this Mini for Free from the Playstation Network.  Normally $2.50, Pix’n Love Rush will cost you nothing and possibly provide you with some actual entertainment.  At first glance this Mini would not have made the Booya Best List, but there is more than one way to play this game and it can get quite addicting.

    Pix’n Love Rush is a throwback to 8 bit games with Midi soundtracks created by Sanuk Games.  Pix’n Love Rush has three different game modes to keep you entertained.

    • Classic Rush

    Allows users to jump and shoot their way across the 125 levels within the game.  You can choose either a 5 minute Rush, where you will just see a sample of the many levels or if you have some time on your hands you can choose to bypass the whole time-limit theme and grab pixels ’til your blue in the face.  The songs are snappy and the action is fast.  Collect all the money and spit pixel balls at the bad guys.  If you manage to string together a run of coin collection the bonuses will start stacking up.

    Best PSP Mini Pix N Love Rush Booya Gadget

    • Cursed Rush

    This is where I got hooked. There is only one objective…..DON”T FALL.  You can’t stop as the floor beneath you is disappearing.  Addictive to say the least.  Beating each of these levels will take the quick reflexes and superb hand-eye coordination us gamers have been developing since we super-jumped for our first flag in Mario.  There is no doubt this is where the addictive gamers may spend most of their time.  Completing each of these challenges to 100% will probably warrant a classic gamer fist pump from the couch.  Here is a 100% completed run of “HARD” the first of 5 Cursed Rush Levels. And yes, there was a fist pump.

    • On/Off Rush

    This mode didn’t grab me like the previous two.  Simply put this mode has you grabbing sun icons during the day and moon icons during the night. I found this mode to be very simple and not very rewarding.   The timer runs during your game and when it runs out the game is over.  For some reason it didn’t grab me and I found myself right back to Cursed Rush.

    Best PSP Mini Pix N Love Rush Booya Gadget (2)

    Overall, this is a simple game with a soundtrack that you won’t be able to shake from your head.  I am humming the song right now as I write this summary.  The Mini is great for passing time and it feels alot like your old classic console games hopped up on steroids.  The action is quick and can suck you right into the game.  I enjoyed it and I recommend it, plus for all you PSN Plus subscribers the game is Free.

    Here is a short video that runs through each of the modes in the game.  Worth a watch if you are still on the fence….even though its Free.  Follow us on Twitter and let us know what you think.

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    Free PSP MINI: A Space Shooter for Two Bucks!

    April 27th, 2011

    *UPDATE* The FREE give-away for PS Plus Subscribers has expired*

    PSN Plus Subscribers have been getting discounts and deal from the Playstation Store, but everybody loves Free Stuff.  So far the only free stuff for PS Plus Subscribers are some PS3 Themes and PSP MINIS.  Here is a look at one of the Free PSP Minis, A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks! The title says it all for this PSP Mini, it is a Space Shooter, but now it’s Free for all PSN Subscribers.

    Best PSP MINIS  A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! Is Now FREE

    Frima Studios brings us this vertically-scrolling arcade space shooter is worth every penny that you won’t spend on this game.  Unless  of course you are not a PSN Plus Subscriber, which then it will cost you the aforementioned 2 bucks.

    For a two dollar shooter this game packs quite a big punch and will leave you very satisfied.  The game sports two different modes, a campaign mode and a survival mode. Either way you play the game the object is the same, KILL THE ALIENS.  While defeating the aliens you can earn money to upgrade your ship and make it alot easier to defeat the main bosses in the campaign.  Money gained in either mode can be used in either mode so it makes them both worth exploring.

    You control Commander P. Jefferson’s space ship on a quest to rid the galaxy of space aliens.  The game has some pretty decent cut-scenes for such a small download and while all the scenes are static, the dialogue is creative and enjoyable.

    Best PSP MINIS  A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! Is Now FREE (1)

    I really enjoyed this game and it feels like a great throwback to great space shooters of the past like Galaga.  For a quick view of some of the banter and gameplay check out our short video.  I think you will find that for PSN Plus Subscribers, this FREE game is well worth it. So watch the video, follow us on Twitter and go Blast Some Alien Scum!



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