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HWSBTA2W Sony Bluetooth Adapter iphone ipad android xoom Booya Gadget

Connect your iPhone,Android, or Tablet to BlueTooth Home Stereo. Awesome!

If you have a spendy-trendy tablet, gadget, smart phone, PC or Mac you can easily connect it to your home stereo via BlueTooth with the Sony HWSBTA2W and bust your music library in wireless style.  Yes, with this Sony Two-Way Bluetooth Adapter you can easily play any audio from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Xoom, WP7, Blackberry […]

Dropbox Booya Gadget (1)

6 Easy Tricks to get More Free Space at Dropbox

I really love Dropbox and I want to let everyone know how they can easily add more space to thier Dropbox account: Login to your Dropbox account and go to There are 6 task that need to be completed, each task will award you 128 MB of more Dropbox space.  Here is what you […]

WinTV-HVR-1150 model 1288 Booya Gadget

How To Convert VHS for iPad, WP7, Android, PC or PSP

It’s time to convert all those old VHS tapes that are cluttering the closet into nice digital files that you can play and share with your friends. In this beginners guide we are going to convert our VHS tapes into two different digital files. The first file will be a full resolution copy of your […]

Call Your Blackberry With Your PSP Using Skype BooyaGadget

Best PSP Tips: Call your Blackberry from your PSPgo With Skype

We Love this little Gem. Call your Blackberry ( or Android ) with your PSP(or PSPGo) using Skype. This is definitely a Booya. This article and our video get a lot of action. Do you have a question ? We will always get back to you. Booya Management Folk Watch this short video to see […]