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Bully Block

Best Android Apps: Bully Block (Stop Cyberbullying Now!)

Let’s face it…technology has a grip on the youth of our Nation.  The use of technology through smart phones, Facebook, Twitter, tablets, and computers has children facing a different kind of danger then we did growing up.  Bully Block, a new Android application by Spy Parent LLC, addresses a very serious and important issue in a […]

Best Android Apps: Baby Monitor & Alarm

Best Android Apps for Parents: Baby Monitor & Alarm

Every parent knows how crucial your baby monitor can be…but you can’t take it with you everywhere you go.  As a parent of a 17-month old son I have been without a monitor on several occasions; when I visit my family in another state, go on vacations, or crash at my in-laws.  Without a monitor […]

Best Android Apps: Vaulty Free Hides Pictures

Best Android Apps: Vaulty Free Hides Pictures

The most popular application at the Android Market in the “kids” category is…the Vaulty Free Hides Pictures app by Theron Rogers.  This is one of the hottest apps on the market and is PERFECT for parents.  Have you ever had a picture on your phone you’d never want your kids to see?  Well this application hides […]

Best Toys: Little Tikes Drive Chip & Putt Golf Trainer

Best Toys: Little Tikes Drive Chip & Putt Golf Trainer

Okay, I gotta admit it…I love Tiger Tiger Woods Yall!  When I look at my son I can’t help but imagine a 15 year old smashing 350 yard drives at Augusta National.  It may be a little premature, as my son is only 17 months old, but it seemed like a good enough time for […]

Best Android Apps: Baby Music Box (New)

Best Android Apps for Parents: Baby Music Box (New) just released a new application called Baby Music Box at the Android Market…and Booya Baby is on the case.  The application is free and it’s been created to help soothe your child and put them to sleep.  If you’re old enough you remember having a musical stuffed animal with a pull string and you […]

Booya Baby Trike Hoop

Best Toys: Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

After a year of dreaming of this moment…my son is finally old enough to get a basketball set.  As a former college baseball player and sports enthusiast, getting a basketball hoop for my son was a foregone conclusion.  I started my search as I typically do by reading owner reviews at various sites, Amazon, Babies […]

Alphabet Bus

Best Android Apps: 10 Great Apps for Parents

It’s difficult to keep up with all the technology out there, especially when you’re a busy parent.  Booya Baby reviewed over 50 applications designed specifically for parents and picked the top 10.  The research has been done for you and here it is…Booya Baby’s Top 10 Android Apps for Parents 2011: 1 Baby ESP (by Hewitt […]

Toddler Lock Booya Gadget Baby

Best Android Apps: Toddler Lock

I know that Booya Cuz will not be feeling the excitement for an App called Toddler Lock. However Marco Nelissen, the developer of Toddler Lock is a savior in The Booya TRJ’s House.  As the father of 18 month old little girl, who shares her fathers affinity for all things gadget, this app is a […]


InStep Sync Bicycle Trailer Owner Review

10 Years ago there is no way I would have made the following statement…”man I can’t wait to go on a bike ride with my family”.  But since my purchase of the smooth InStep Sync Bicycle Trailer, I’ve been having hours of fun doing just that.  Summer and sunshine are on the way and there […]

Summer Infant Day & Night Baby Monitor Owner Review

Summer Infant Day & Night Baby Monitor Owner Review

The Decision… If you are expecting or already have a child you have undoubtedly contemplated a baby monitor.  My wife and I picked one out before hand and my brother bought it for us as a baby shower gift from  The selection of a baby monitor is not as easy as it sounds.  My wife […]