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FreeNAS XBox PS3 Stream Video

FreeNAS PS3 XBox Samsung 6500 LED TV Streaming Media

Let me begin by saying, I love my FreeNAS box…  My Shuttle Box rocking FreeNAS actually replaced my Windows Home Server box as my main Media Streaming source for my entire house.  I was able to stream to both PS3,XBox, and my Samsung 46″ C6500 1080p LED HDTV using the XBox 360 DLNA profile.  It […]

freeNAS Android Stream Audio DAAP Firefly Booya Gadget

Stream Audio from FreeNas to Android with DAAP and Bluetooth

We love creating FreeNAS vids, especially when we get to use our Android in the process. Here is how you can stream your Music Library from FreeNAS to your Droid using the Android Market freebie: “DAAP” by “Miceli Bros”. It’s easy to setup, but I do recommend editing your FireFly WebGui from your NAS and […]

Control FreeNAS with myTouch 3G Slide Android

Control FreeNAS with myTouch 3G Slide Android

I’ve been running FreeNAS for several months now I love it. One of the common features with many NAS servers is an web interface for easy web based control. So as a quick and successful test, I found it a nice feature that I was able to login to my FreeNAS shuttle box, via my […]

PSP Connect to WIFI for Remote Play over the Internet BooyaGadget

Best PSP Tips: Remote Play to your PS3 using WIFI over the Internet

Finally got connected over the internet from my PSP 3000. Took some time to work after a few hours of tinkering with network setup. It is a slick little feature, and is worth the time involved to get your setup working. 1 key tip is testing this in your house, but connecting via INTERNET. This […]