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Table Tennis Paddle Booya Gadget

PS3 Move Table Tennis Round-Up & Free PS3 Theme

Booya Cuz is our Table Tennis expert and he has spent many hours with both the PS Move and the Xbox Kinect and their respective Table Tennis games. This week Booya Gadget released a new Sports Champions Table Tennis video that will concentrate on more advanced serving techniques.

Kinect Sports Track n Field Tips Demo review Choose Sport

Kinect Sports Best Game: Track n Field Review Demo Tips

Track and Field for Kinect Sports is the true gem of Microsoft’s popular motion sensor peripheral.  The ability of Kinect to scan and interpret your entire body is what does set it apart from Playstation’s Move system.   While Kinect is a fun, easy and competitive casual gaming system, I wasn’t too excited to continuing […]

XBox Kinect Sports Volleyball Review and Impressions Best Intro Booya Gadget

XBox Kinect Sports Volleyball Review and Impressions

Outside of Track n Field, Volleyball is my favorite mode in XBox Kinect Sports. It’s still Kinect style, casual, easy and fun and also has great graphics, sharing capability, online multiplayer, and great competition.  Pretty much your basic Volleyball game,  Bump-Set-Spike if you do it right.  There is a little movement involved normally slight adjustments […]

XBox Kinect Sports Soccer Goal Booya Gadget

Kinect Sports Soccer Hands-On Review and Impressions

Pass, kick, defend, shoot.  That is Kinect Sports Soccer in 4 words.  There is no dribbling, outside of slight lateral movements.  Once again this highlights, Kinect’s focus on casual, party style gaming.  It is fun, but I’d recommend playing the Target Kick mini-game mode if you wanted to get your visitor’s heart rate up.  Soccer […]

Kinect Sports Boxing Multiplayer Referee Winner

Kinect Sports Boxing Review Impressions and Video

Kinect Sports Boxing was fun while I had a friend over to help hammer the 360 Slim Kinect system, but I don’t have any serious urges to continue to play this game mode outside of going Achievement hunting. It was what I would describe as a human button smashing fest. Wild punches, mixed in with […]

XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle Shopping Guide Review

XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle Shopping Guide and Review

I picked up the XBox Kinect Adventures Bundle at Best Buy for $150 at the time of this article. If you have the money, I’d recommend going with a Bigger Bundle (spend more) and pick up the XBox Slim too if you can. You’ll save money and love the Slim with it’s built-in Wireless N […]

XBox Kinect Sports Table Tennis Hands Tips Trick Booya Gadget

XBox Kinect Sports Table Tennis Hands On Ping Pong

Considering that Kinect Sports Table Tennis has no actual Paddle, it does pretty well to show the sensor’s ability to track you. This is a fun game, but it is most certainly a party game. Sure, you could have an intense battle with an equally skilled opponent, but at the end of the day, you’re […]

XBox Kinect Dance Central Impressions Freestyle booya gadget

XBox Kinect Dance Central Hands on Impressions

When it comes to Kinect’s new motion sensor peripheral, fitness and dance really get to shine. Personally I do not tend to be a Dance game person, but I certainly am a big fan of Music and similar rhythm games. Once again I was impressed with Microsoft’s Kinect system’s ability to easily track my movements, […]