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Google Music Beta Request an Invitation

My Experience with Google Music Beta for Android

What Is this “Google Music Beta” ? Google Music is simply a new tool that you UPLOAD YOUR MUSIC files to the magical cloud in the sky, and have access to it anytime, anywhere you have internet access either on your Android device, or a web browser..  Let me be explicit, you have to have […]

WP7 Must Have Games Program Booya Gadget

Microsoft Launches WP7 Must Have Games-6 Weeks of Greatness!

I was totally pumped up today to see a new page at    Microsoft has now launched a badass new campaign, 6 consecutive weeks of new MUST HAVE games for your Windows Phone 7. You should be smiling right now, because the lineup is GREAT !  I have a LOT of devices ( too […]

Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb Pre Unbox Booya Gadget

Motorola Xoom Update HMJ37 is now LIVE ( Android 3.1 )

Tonight, my Motorola Wifi Xoom, just got it’s first OTA update HMJ37, so my Android Version now reads 3.1 I sat down after eating dinner, and smiled as I saw my update notification ! The update will touch on several different areas, but the most highly desired update SD CARD utilization is NOT included.  You can find […]

Playstation Network Outage

Playstation Network Outage: Day 8!

As we approach a week without the PSN and Sony’s Qriocity service we have no idea if the end is in sight.  An update, or lack thereof, was tweeted by Patrick Seybold and gave no real answers.  80710092  An error has occurred. You have been signed out of Playstation Network “I know you are waiting […]

Dropbox Booya Gadget (1)

6 Easy Tricks to get More Free Space at Dropbox

I really love Dropbox and I want to let everyone know how they can easily add more space to thier Dropbox account: Login to your Dropbox account and go to There are 6 task that need to be completed, each task will award you 128 MB of more Dropbox space.  Here is what you […]

amazon-cloud-drive-cloud-player Booya Gadget

Best Android Apps: Amazon Cloud Player 5GB of your Music Anywhere

**UPDATE** If You purchase a Amazon MP3 Album before midnight December 31, 2011 you will receive the 20GB Cloud plan for one year from your purchase date.  If you already have the 20GB plan you will receive a $20 credit towards any future Amazon Cloud Drive plan fees. ** Earlier this week Amazon launched Amazon […]


Google Picasa Web Albums gives away more Storage

Google gives 1GB of space to every user that signs up for Picasa Web Albums.  However, it wouldn’t take long before that GB was gone and forced you to either look for other ways to upload your personal photos and videos. Now that has changed.  Google has made an adjustment to how their uploads work […]

Tiger Woods 12 PS3 Cover Booya

Tiger Woods 12 Features Yes Move No Kinect (Move Gameplay)

With Golf Season quickly approaching on the West Coast of the USA, it’s no surprise that Tiger Woods 12 is out and ready for your evaluation.   Get yourself a preview of the Best Golf Game available on the market for any system.   Yes there’s Move support.  Yes there are many new features and […]

Sony PSP 3000 Booya Gadget

PSP-3000 Price Drop, Now $129.99

With Sony’s Next Generation Portable coming this holiday, the original PSP is getting a well deserved price drop.  According to the Playstation Blog the price cut will go into effect on Monday, February 27th making the  PSP-3000 available for $129.99. The PSPgo avoids this round of price drops and will remain at $199.99.  Sony announced […]

handbrake update 0.9.5

Handbrake Video Converter Transcoder Update Available 0.9.5

At Booya Gadget, we love the open-source Handbrake Video Converter/transcoding tool. Since we are very heavy at YouTube, we do a lot of video work to make our media available to our viewers in multiple formats. We have many uses for Handbrake at Booya Gadget, but my main use is converting to video podcast for […]