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Skype now available on Windows Phone 7

Skype now available on Windows Phone 7

Good news for the WP7 owners ( or to-be owners ) out there, Microsoft has finally launched their Skype App.  You can download the free Skype app right now at this link…  I think this is great, and while this is the first release, I believe Microsoft will polish it up over time for all […]

HWSBTA2W Sony Bluetooth Adapter iphone ipad android xoom Booya Gadget

Connect your iPhone,Android, or Tablet to BlueTooth Home Stereo. Awesome!

If you have a spendy-trendy tablet, gadget, smart phone, PC or Mac you can easily connect it to your home stereo via BlueTooth with the Sony HWSBTA2W and bust your music library in wireless style.  Yes, with this Sony Two-Way Bluetooth Adapter you can easily play any audio from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Xoom, WP7, Blackberry […]

How to 3-way / Conference Call on Windows Phone 7 Tutorial Booya Gadget

How to 3-way / Conference Call on Windows Phone 7 SIMPLE!

It is very easy to do a conference or “3-Way” call using your Windows Phone 7 !  Let’s walk through it here with just a few pics and steps.  I would call this, “a piece of cake” and  a helpful, clutch little tip n trick for your WP7.  It’s really just a 3 step process, […]

Best News App for WP7 USA TODAY Splash Booya Gadget

Best News Apps for Windows Phone 7: USA Today

I am a both a heavy user and constant seeker for great News apps for my devices, especially my HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7… USA TODAY just jumped up to #1 by far, hands down, no doubt, and zero hesitation!  Besides the fact that it is free and has raving reviews from every reviewer so […]

WP7 Must Have Games Program Booya Gadget

Microsoft Launches WP7 Must Have Games-6 Weeks of Greatness!

I was totally pumped up today to see a new page at    Microsoft has now launched a badass new campaign, 6 consecutive weeks of new MUST HAVE games for your Windows Phone 7. You should be smiling right now, because the lineup is GREAT !  I have a LOT of devices ( too […]

Best Accessories for iPad and Xoom the Stylus Capacitive by ACase

Must Have Xoom or iPad Accessory, the Capacitive Stylus ! I’m Serious.

Look, I know a simple Stylus is not groundbreaking technology, but I couldn’t resist purchasing one for my new shiny Motorola Xoom, and now I am officially a Stylus Snob.  I love it!  After just a single day of giving my new ACase Capacitive Stylus a test drive, now I find myself seeking it every […]

Dropbox Booya Gadget (1)

6 Easy Tricks to get More Free Space at Dropbox

I really love Dropbox and I want to let everyone know how they can easily add more space to thier Dropbox account: Login to your Dropbox account and go to There are 6 task that need to be completed, each task will award you 128 MB of more Dropbox space.  Here is what you […]

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Phone Booya Gadget

Windows Phone 7 Apps: Developing was easy and fun!

When i’m not rocking Booya Gadget articles, I pay my bills as a SQL Database developer / analyst.  Although I did begin my career as an applications analyst, SQL and application development are obviously very different.  Having purchased my own Windows Phone 7 a couple months ago, I just could not resist the urge to […]

WP7 Tversity WHS 2011 Web Interface Booya Gadget

Stream Movies to Windows Phone 7 with TVersity – WHS 2011

Once again, Windows Phone 7 is flexing it’s media muscles.  I couldn’t help but smile a bit when my WP7 successfully began streaming “A popular Movie” from my Release Candidate version of Windows Home Server 2011.  Setup was not difficult, and outside of building my initial library, it took very little time.  The quality is […]

Charlie Sheen Winning WP7 Free App

Free Windows Phone 7 App Charlie Sheen Winning Sounboard

We’re very excited to announce our first Smart Phone Application.  You can now enjoy 21 of Charlie Sheen’s now famous “Winning” rants, quotes, and tirades. If Mr Sheen gives the public more wonderful and inspiring tips then Booya will update the app so you never miss out.  Take Charlie with you everywhere you go, with […]