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Comcast Split Screen 3D LG XFinity

How To setup 3D, fix Split Screen Comcast Xfinity On-Demand

If you have a 3D enabled television, I hope you’ve tried out the FREE 3d library from Comcast XFinity.  It’s a humble library, but with their set-top box and the correct HD level XFinity TV package you can definitely test the 3D capabilities of your TV.  I am using an LG47G2 (with Google TV) which is […]

Amazon Instant Video Samsung TV Web Setup Registered

Amazon Instant Video on Samsung TV. How To and Review

I’ve had my Samsung 6500 Internet ready TV for about a year now and I’m still learning all of it’s capabilities.  A bit of a hidden feature, of this great smart T.V. is that it works great with Amazon Instant Video ( formerly known as Video on Demand ).   The streaming quality is great […]

Hulu Plus

How To: Package your Google Chrome Extensions and Install

So you have just finished learning how to create your own personal Google Chrome Extensions.  Feeling like a developer you would love nothing more than to share you latest Web Extension with your friends.  There are only a few steps in the process and before long all your friends will be enjoying your work. Step […]

ESPN Watch Icon

How To: Create Google Chrome Web Extensions

So you have followed BooyaGadget’s tutorial on How To: Create Google Chrome Web Apps, but you have hit a roadblock. The problem is that you want to create an App for your favorite site, but you are not the owner. Well there is a work-around, it won’t be public, but it will work in your […]

DLNA Certified Motorola Droid 2 Android

Best Android App: DLNA Motorola Droid 2 Streams Media to PS3

Motorola Droid 2 DLNA App gives users the ability to share their content using DLNA to any support device.  While certified devices should all work we will focus in this tutorial on connecting our Droid 2 to our PS3.  We can watch movies from our Droid, look at pictures, and listen to music.  Best of […]

Xoom Movie Player mVideo Freebie App demo Booya Gadget

Easy Tutorial: Optimize Movies for Xoom with Handbrake

Are you trying to get your Video, DVD and Movie collection on your shiny new Motorola Xoom ? I’ve already done all the work for you and it is “damn simple”.  I’ve tested the hell out of this and have it down cold. In this article I will show you everything you need to know. […]

Xoom HDMI Out Angry Birds Splash Booya Gadget

Motorola Xoom HDMI Out and Samsung 6500 TV Remote App

Two gadgets I love are my new Motorola Xoom, and my Samsung 6500 LED LCD Internet Ready Television.  Connecting them together was a must, and I was very happy with the results.  Samsung has an app available at the Android Marketplace, and with it you can drive and control your TV!  It worked very well, […]

WP7 Tversity WHS 2011 Web Interface Booya Gadget

Stream Movies to Windows Phone 7 with TVersity – WHS 2011

Once again, Windows Phone 7 is flexing it’s media muscles.  I couldn’t help but smile a bit when my WP7 successfully began streaming “A popular Movie” from my Release Candidate version of Windows Home Server 2011.  Setup was not difficult, and outside of building my initial library, it took very little time.  The quality is […]

u Samsung 6500 New HD Releases First is Free Booya Gadget

Review: Vudu on Samsung 6500 TV is Badass!

Samsung Internet Ready TV owners you are in for a big treat, I’m very confident you will really enjoy it.  Yeah, you know that Vudu Internet application that you never opened before ?  Well, it’s time to open that puppy up TODAY.  I’m serious the service is awesome.  To me, the ULTIMATE BOOYA is a […]

LG BD570 Review Booya Gadget Device 2

LG Blu-Ray Player Review, LG BD570

The LGBD-570 is more than just your average Blu-Ray Player. The LG can stream content from your local server as well as from a select group of Apps like Netflix and Pandora. When my bedroom PS3 finally went Yellow Light of Death I went searching for a temporary solution that could fill my media streaming needs in the bedroom and I landed on the LG Blu-Ray series. This little Blu-Ray players packs a mean punch and doesn’t make a huge dent in the pocket book.