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How To Screen Capture with Galaxy Nexus

How To Screen Capture with Galaxy Nexus (No Root, HSPA+,ICS)

Congrats if you own the very nice Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich!  I purchased mine from the Google Play Store.  When it comes to screen capture on your Galaxy Nexus, it’s pretty easy on this device and does not require Rooting(XDA Link). HOW TO SCREEN CAPTURE SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS: Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN AND POWER […]

How To Screen Capture TMobile Galaxy S2 Pic

How To Screen Capture with T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (No Root, SGH-T989)

Congrats if you own the very nice T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Android !  It’s a great phone, but I don’t like their flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich.   When it comes to screen capture on your Galaxy S2, it’s pretty easy on this device and does not require Rooting(XDA Link). HOW TO SCREEN CAPTURE WITH T-MOBILE GALAXY […]

HWSBTA2W Sony Bluetooth Adapter iphone ipad android xoom Booya Gadget

Connect your iPhone,Android, or Tablet to BlueTooth Home Stereo. Awesome!

If you have a spendy-trendy tablet, gadget, smart phone, PC or Mac you can easily connect it to your home stereo via BlueTooth with the Sony HWSBTA2W and bust your music library in wireless style.  Yes, with this Sony Two-Way Bluetooth Adapter you can easily play any audio from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Xoom, WP7, Blackberry […]

PS3 Controller on Motorola Xoom Android Super Mario Kart SNES Booya Gadget

How to use a PS3 Controller for Motorola Xoom Android Games

It is actually quite easy to use your PS3 six axis controller to play games with your Motorola Xoom.   There are a couple gotchas, and you need a few things which I will cover below, but first I want to tell you that I had a very good experience.  Honestly it is not too […]

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How To: Package your Google Chrome Extensions and Install

So you have just finished learning how to create your own personal Google Chrome Extensions.  Feeling like a developer you would love nothing more than to share you latest Web Extension with your friends.  There are only a few steps in the process and before long all your friends will be enjoying your work. Step […]

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How To: Create Google Chrome Web Extensions

So you have followed BooyaGadget’s tutorial on How To: Create Google Chrome Web Apps, but you have hit a roadblock. The problem is that you want to create an App for your favorite site, but you are not the owner. Well there is a work-around, it won’t be public, but it will work in your […]

Free Chrome Web App - Angry Birds Chrome Dimension 128

Free Google Chrome Web App: Angry Birds

The Google Chrome Web Store is alive and well and they are giving away everyone’s favorite game, Angry Birds.  In addition to this freebie they have added the “Chrome Dimension,” which adds 7 more levels specifically designed for your Chrome Browser App.  The keys to these new levels are hidden withing the current Angry Bird […]

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How to Develop a Google Chrome Web App

So Google has a Web Store full of Apps that you can use within Google Chrome.  Apps that span an entire spectrum from family fun to all your social networking needs.  Want to easily access your favorite sites or play Angry Birds on the office dime.  Its all there as long as you are a […]

Android X Construction Crossing 12 Xoom HDMI out YES

Android Games: X Construction Spoiler – Guide for Crossing 11 – 14

We’ve already reviewed X Construction which is one of the best games for the Android, which I rock on my Motorola Xoom.  After releasing our article, and video for Crossings 1-10 I was finally able to keep it pumpin’ by completing Crossing 11, Crossing 12, Crossing 13 and finally Crossing 14 !    These levels […]

Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb Pre Unbox Booya Gadget

Motorola Xoom Update HMJ37 is now LIVE ( Android 3.1 )

Tonight, my Motorola Wifi Xoom, just got it’s first OTA update HMJ37, so my Android Version now reads 3.1 I sat down after eating dinner, and smiled as I saw my update notification ! The update will touch on several different areas, but the most highly desired update SD CARD utilization is NOT included.  You can find […]