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Free PSP Mini: Let's Golf

Free PSP Mini: Let’s Golf

Another FREE PSP MINI from the PSN.  This time it takes us to the links, Gameloft’s Let’s Golf.  This Golf Mini sports 4 Golf Courses with 4 unique characters.  The characters are customizable and each carry a different set of abilities.  Fiji Beach, American Mountains, English Countryside, and Scottish Lochs are the featured locations in […]

Free PSP MINI: Vector TD!

Free PSP MINI: Vector TD!

Another FREE PSP MINI from Sony.  Vector TD is a Real-Time Tower Defense Game that requires tons of strategy and can be quite addictive.  Created by Frima Studios, creators of A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks.  Vector TD has you strategically place towers around the map to eventually kill 7 different variations of enemy Vectoid. The Towers […]

PS3 Move The Fight Hard Punch Tips Booya Gadget

PS3 Move The Fight Demo Review Impressions

I’m still a little bit in shock about IGN’s review of this game at 3/10, I found it didn’t make sense, so I hope you stumble on this before writing The Fight off from consideration.   If it were a movie, I might say rent it first, but I think some people may really enjoy […]

Free PS Move PSP Theme from Booya Gadget

Free PS Move Theme for your PSP and PSPgo

Bring the PS Move onto your PSP system with this Theme from Booya Gadget.  We made it for the PS3 and now we are making it mobile. Visit our Free Stuff Page to get your Free PSP Halloween theme THANKS FROM BOOYA GADGET ! Please consider subscribing to us on YouTube, or following us here on […]

Bocce Sports Champions PS3 Theme Teaser

Sports Champions Bocce PS3 Move Hands On

PS3 Bocce has turned out to be one of our favorite games in Sports Champions for the Playstation Move.

PS3 Move Heavy Rain Scott Shelby playstation booya Gadget

PS3 Move Heavy Rain Detailed Hands On

Booya Gadget gives a thumbs up for the Heavy Rain Move (and navigation controller) support.  It will take some time to adjust yourself to the Move / Nav commands during the game. I recommend starting at Ethan’s house showering and drinking orange juice ( if you’ve beaten the game ). One of my favorite features […]

PS3 Move sports champions archery Booya Gadget playstation

Sports Champions Archery PS3 Move Hands On

Sports Champions Archery is a solid PS3 Move flagship game. It takes one major knock: no online multiplayer, that is weak sauce. The game is easy to learn, and I always recommend to take a quick walk through of the tutorial to learn the controls. I like the game enough that I’d like to beat […]

PS3 Move Tumble Demo Hands On Booya Gadget

PS3 Move Tumble Demo Hands On

Tumble is simply a building block / puzzle game. You build towers, or even destroy them. It’s pretty easy to learn and simple in concept, but is not necessarily easy, it can get tricky. Available now at the Playstation Store, this is likely not the flagship game of every Playstation Move owner, but it costs […]

Free PS3 Move Theme Sample Yellow

PS Move Launch Center

Tomorrow the PS Move invades the US and you can bet that BooyaGadget will be there to put this little wand through the ringer. This is another great example of what we do here at BooyaGadget. We are not a review site, we are test site. Our work here at BooyaGadget is to take the […]

PS3 Move Games Preview SingStar Dance

I’m heading off to go pre-order a PS3 Move.So, I was digging around for some of the games I may also pre-order. I stumbled across Singstar Dance.  I have to admit, I enjoy SingStar, but I’m not sure if I could take it to the next level of dancing with the wand in my hand… […]