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Total War The Eighth Shrine CENTER SETUP

Total War Battles : The Eighth Shrine SPOILER-Solution ( PITA )

Here you go, the **SPOILER** for Sega Total War Battle’s “The Eighth Shrine” experience level for the iPad.  Dang man, this was nasty and I am very happy to now share my solution with you.. However, you can use what you learned in “The Valley of the Seven Shrines” to get past this challenge.  A […]

How To: Sega total war 7 shrines puzzle Spoiler

iPad Sega Total War Battles : Valley of the Seven Shrines SPOILER How To.

I’m a huge fan of RTS ( real time strategy games ) so I was happy when Sega released “Total War Battles” available now at the iTunes store here ( Currently $6.99 at time of this article ).  I do enjoy this challenging strategy game, but I hope developers create even more RTS games.  My ultimate […]

iPhone Samsung Remote App for TV 6500 Booya Gadget

Samsung Remote Free App for iPhone, Control your TV with a phone. Now use myTifi

I love my Samsung 6500 internet ready TV and I’ve already reviewed it. So I love that this TV flexes it’s muscles and let’s me use my iPhone as a remote control ! This free app from the appstore does work, so don’t be turned off by all the mixed reviews. In fact I threw […]


L.A. Noire: My Experience, Review, and 10 Tips (PS3 or XBox )

LA Noire is a unique crime/action/puzzle/thriller/mystery and adventure game mixed all into one and based ( very accurately ) in 1940’s Los Angeles. High level is that you are Cole Phelps ( Aaron Staton IMDB ) a WWII Marine come home to be a cop!    It is made by the popular Rockstar Games, and […]

Hulu Plus

How To: Package your Google Chrome Extensions and Install

So you have just finished learning how to create your own personal Google Chrome Extensions.  Feeling like a developer you would love nothing more than to share you latest Web Extension with your friends.  There are only a few steps in the process and before long all your friends will be enjoying your work. Step […]

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How To: Create Google Chrome Web Extensions

So you have followed BooyaGadget’s tutorial on How To: Create Google Chrome Web Apps, but you have hit a roadblock. The problem is that you want to create an App for your favorite site, but you are not the owner. Well there is a work-around, it won’t be public, but it will work in your […]

Free Chrome Web App - Angry Birds Chrome Dimension 128

Free Google Chrome Web App: Angry Birds

The Google Chrome Web Store is alive and well and they are giving away everyone’s favorite game, Angry Birds.  In addition to this freebie they have added the “Chrome Dimension,” which adds 7 more levels specifically designed for your Chrome Browser App.  The keys to these new levels are hidden withing the current Angry Bird […]

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How to Develop a Google Chrome Web App

So Google has a Web Store full of Apps that you can use within Google Chrome.  Apps that span an entire spectrum from family fun to all your social networking needs.  Want to easily access your favorite sites or play Angry Birds on the office dime.  Its all there as long as you are a […]

Free PSP MINI: Enigmo

Free PSP Mini: Enigmo

*UPDATE* PS Plus Subscribers FREE time limit for this Mini has expired* Enigomo is a Free PSP Mini for PSN Plus Subscribers.  Brought to the PSN by Beatshapers, this puzzle game will challenge the way you think as there are countless solutions to each level as you bounce, re-direct, and shoot water, fire and oil […]

Xoom Case Stand Review Navitech Best Must Have Booya Gadget

Best Xoom Accessories: Case and Stand by Navitech “Good”

Since it’s fairly new, there are not a lot of great and must have accessories out yet for the Motorola Xoom.  I’ve personally been searching for a decent case-stand combination and Navitech’s offering from fit the bill.  Right off the bat, I will tell you this case is not perfect, in fact, I give […]