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PS3 Move Sports Champions Pro Kit Accessory Review

PS3 Move Sports Champions Pro Kit Accessory Review

CTA Digital pumps out a lot of great Playstation Accessories both for the PS3 Move and other games too.  They do they get a thumbs up from Booya Gadget for sending us some equipment to go through the Booya Grinder for a review and test drive for you!  I think CTA is probably best known […]

Sports Champions Facebook Upload WSU Bocce Cup Booya Gadget

Sports Champions Facebook: How To Upload Victory Poses

Uploading your “victory poses” from Sports Champions after winning a Cup is a cool little feature added by Zindagi Games.  This article is all you need to see how it works.  However, it’s a little tricky so if you find yourself here, know that I had to ask the same question.  The task, in general, […]

Sports Champions Disc Golf PS3 Move Reverse Course and Tips

Sports Champions Disc Golf PS3 Move Reverse Course and Tips

Disc Golf, Frisbee Golf, whichever you call it is a great game for the PS3 Move’s Sports Champions.  There is definitely a culture of extreme/unique sport athletes out there but even if you’ve never played Disc Golf, you will enjoy it.  The only downside of the game is that it is so accurate that it […]

Sports Champions Female Characters Giselle Booya Gadget

Lovely Ladies of Sports Champions – PS3 Move

Zindagi Games, creators of Sports Champions, have brought us the hottest polygon characters this side of Lara Croft. These chicks rank with the likes of Chloe Frazer from Uncharted 2. Here are the main 5 unlockable female hotties from the game. Meet Giselle, Boomer, Rin, Belle and Kat. Booya Gadget has complete coverage of these […]

Sports Champions Bocce Ball Theme PS3 Booya Gadget

Free Bocce Ball PS3 Theme – Sports Champions

Are you loving Sports Champions and the PS3 Move.  Then Booya Gadget has got the theme for you. Bocce Ball is included on the Sports Champions disc and we have created a custom theme exclusively available here at Booya Gadget. This theme is the ultimate eye candy and include four different backgrounds of Bocce Ball […]

PS3 Move Theme Blue Color Booya Gadget

PS3 Move Best Summary – Themes, Videos, Information

PS3 Move has now been out for just over a month and since BooyaGadget has been busy testing this device, we thought it would be a good time to wrap up our extensive coverage of the PS Move. We started off with the peripherals, the Charging station and the Nav Controller. Then came Sports Champions […]

Bocce Sports Champions PS3 Theme Teaser

Sports Champions Bocce PS3 Move Hands On

PS3 Bocce has turned out to be one of our favorite games in Sports Champions for the Playstation Move.

PS3 Move sports champions archery Booya Gadget playstation

Sports Champions Archery PS3 Move Hands On

Sports Champions Archery is a solid PS3 Move flagship game. It takes one major knock: no online multiplayer, that is weak sauce. The game is easy to learn, and I always recommend to take a quick walk through of the tutorial to learn the controls. I like the game enough that I’d like to beat […]


Sports Champions Volleyball Hands On PS3 Move

Volleyball is a hidden gem in Sports Champions on PS3. It’s relatively easy to learn ( recommend tutorial first ) and can get competitive fast. I found that playing on Silver ( medium ) difficulty was a nice match that featured some competitive rallies with the computer.  The most sad thing with Sports Champions is […]

PS Move Starter Kit Cost is $99.99 Booya Gadget

PS Move – What to Buy?

So you are heading out to the store and you have decided that the PS Move is on your shopping list. Your options will be based on what you already own or don’t own. PS Move is being sold ala carte as well in bundles. If you don’t own any Playstation equipment then the easiest […]