Record Your PS3 Gameplay, DJ Hero

Record Your PS3 Gameplay, DJ Hero

By Booya Gadget

This was a fun project.. Behind the scenes with Playstation DJ Hero Gameplay Recording showing hands overlay

Show true gameplay of DJ hero using Dazzle video capture and JVC Everio..

You can definitely do this with the right equipment and software.. Booya!

Pic of the DJ Hero withs Hands video overlay recording (Picture in Picture) setup: ( lighting is the key for all video! )

image of Record DJ Hero Gameplay Setup Logistics
Video production example recording DJ hero gameplay with "hands" video overlay

Due to these guys and their crazy copyright extremism, I ended up removing the video. It’s a shame, it was a good video. Maybe someday I will dig up the original video, and wax the sound or something. Until then, I always like to share the behind the scenes setup images when I can.