Best PSP Tips: Remote Play to your PS3 using WIFI over the Internet

By Booya Gadget

PSP Tips, successful connection to remote play using public WiFi

Finally got connected over the internet from my PSP 3000. Took some time to work after a few hours of tinkering with network setup. It is a slick little feature, and is worth the time involved to get your setup working.

1 key tip is testing this in your house, but connecting via INTERNET. This never worked until I made the necessary changes. This is a huge benefit, because it saves time instead of driving around to hot spots. If connecting to Remote Play works in your house via internet, it worked outside for me too! I knew once I got it to work, that it would work at McD’s !

I have the D-Link DIR-655, and this required changes to both the PlayStation 3 and Router settings.

Tricky, but worth it. It’s pretty slick. Took a trip down to McD’s for this test. Once you make this work, you can technically use this anywhere. Streamed off FreeNAS.