Playstation Move – What to Buy?

Playstation Move – What to Buy?

By Booya Gadget

So you are heading out to the store and you have decided that the PS Move is on your shopping list.

Your options will be based on what you already own or don’t own. PS Move is being sold ala carte as well in bundles.

Please note, this is an old article! Some or all aspects may be obsolete especially pricing, but liks are fresh to Amazon.

If you don’t own any Playstation equipment then the easiest option may just be the PlayStation 3 - 320 GB System/PlayStation Move Bundle.

My personally selected PS3 Move Start Bundle
My personally selected PS3 Move Start Bundle

This box will set you back between $180 and $399.99 (depending on new or used) and it comes with everything you need to get up and running. This bundle has your PS3, 1 Dualshock3 Controller, 1 PS Move Controller, 1 PS Eye, Sports Champions.

If you already own a PS3 then this Move Starter Pack could be just right for you.

This bundle from Amazon has 1 PS Move Controller, 1 PS Eye, and Sports Champions.

Finally if you are like me and already own a PS Eye then the best solution could be ala carte.

Just buying the PS Move controller will cost you less than $40 and a copy of Sports Champions is less than $20. Saving you money since you already own the PS Eye.

Blue Playstation Move Controller
Blue Playstation Move Controller on Amazon

So what are the guys at BooyaGadget going to do? Like I said, I already own a PS Eye so I will be picking up 2 Move Controllers, and 1 copy of Sports Champions. Going the ala carte way is going to set me back $139.97.

There are going to be plenty of accessories for the PS Move to consider,the Dualshock 3 can be used as a Navigation controller. I am going to try that first to see if I really need to buy the Navigation Conroller. Our original Playstation Move articles and videos were very highly viewed, so check out the search page for “PS3 Move”.