Kinect Sports Boxing Review Impressions and Video

Kinect Sports Boxing Review Impressions and Video

By Booya Gadget

Kinect Sports Boxing was fun while I had a friend over to help hammer the 360 Slim Kinect system, but I don’t have any serious urges to continue to play this game mode outside of going Achievement hunting.

Kinect Sports Boxing Multiplayer Gameplay Booya Gadget
Kinect Sports Boxing Multiplayer Gameplay

It was what I would describe as a human button smashing fest. Wild punches, mixed in with a little confusion and I’m just glad no one got hit in the face with a virtual haymaker in my living room. Boxing is easy, simple, and fast which makes it competitive quickly, but if you’re looking for a boxing or fighting solution that is more simulation then there’s nothing to see here.

Out of the 6 game modes in Microsoft’s 360 Kinect system I’d rank this 6th or 5th, tied or flip-flopped with Kinect Sports Bowling. What matters most, however, is your opinion, gaming and social style. If you have frequent visitors to your home that aren’t hard-core but enjoy a competitive simple battle, then you might plug in boxing. But I’d recommend busting out one of the better Kinect Sports game modes like Volleyball or Track n Field.

Kinect Sports Boxing Review Impressions Gameplay Sharing
Kinect Sports Boxing Online Sharing

The game is simple, as expected. Left, Right, Low, High. There you go, now you’re a Kinect seasoned Boxer. Having thoroughly tested PS3 Move’s “The Fight”, I experienced a bit of gamer culture shock. Kinect Sport’s fighting mode isn’t for me, but it may be for you. The classic battle between casual and competitive gaming types. There is no wrong answer, if you love it, own it, Booya Gadget is just trying to show you some of the features and facts about the game. Kinect Sports, in general, is probably a must purchase if you have a Kinect.

Kinect Sports Boxing Review Impressions Fighter Intro Booya Gadget
Kinect Sports Boxing Fighter Intro

But if you are really particular in your gaming styles and aren’t concerned with entertaining the in-laws and house guests, then search the XBox Marketplace and check out the free Kinect Compatible demos available for download or visit sites like IGN or Playstation Blog to see what’s coming up next. The best features of this game are the excellent photo and video sharing, and launch-date online multiplayer which is where the Move’s Sports Champions takes a -1 Booya deduction. Enjoy your copy of Microsoft XBox Kinect Sports !

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