Lovely Ladies of Sports Champions - PS3 Move

Lovely Ladies of Sports Champions - PS3 Move

By Booya Gadget

Zindagi Games, creators of Sports Champions, have brought us the hottest polygon characters since Tombraider's Lara Croft.

These lovely gaming characters rank with the likes of Chloe Frazer from Uncharted 2. Here are the main 5 unlockable female hotties from the game. Meet Giselle, Boomer, Rin, Belle and Kat. Booya Gadget has complete coverage of these sexy digital females. We’ve got video, pictures and a compete run-down of their personal bios. Everything you wanted or didn’t want to know about the Lovely Ladies of Sports Champions.

Sports Champions Lovely ladies Introduction Gameplay Videos

Sports Champions Female Characters Giselle Booya Gadget
Sports Champions Giselle

Home: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Age / Sex: 21, Female
Height / Weight: 5’5”, 103 lbs
Primary Sport: Soccer
Strengths:S peed, Agility
BIO: Once an aspiring dancer, Giselle earned notoriety for the way she dances around the competition on the soccer field with her dizzying ball handling skills.  Widely regarded as one of the premier female soccer players on the planet, she is the only competitor to be sponsored as an official representative of her home country.  Young, beautiful and accomplished, Giselle has virtually become an industry unto herself, and her superstar status has made her the face of young Brazil.

Sports Champions Female Characters Boomer Booya Gadget
Sports Champions Boomer

Home: Phoenix, Arizona
Age / Sex: 21,Female
Height / Weight: 5’7” 145 lbs
Primary Sport: Softball
Strengths: Accuracy, Strength
With a peaceful and posh upbringing, Boomer seemingly has it all.  Her combination of good looks and athletic skills makes her the classic “All American” girl.  Despite this good fortune, Boomer had the uncommon desire and self disciline required to blossom into a world class athlete.  her explosive pitching style, not to mention her towering home run power, earned her the nickname “Boomer.”  Boomer’s main motivation is to prove she’s a self-made champion and not the byproduct of a privileged upbringing.

Sports Champions Female Characters Rin Booya Gadget
Sports Champions Rin

Home: Osaka, Japan
Age / Sex: 23, Female
Height / Weight: 5’8”, 120 lbs
Primary Sport: Martial Arts
Strengths: Strength, Accuracy
Quiet and serious, Rin is something of an enigma.  Far and away the most serious competitor among the group, Rin cares little for fame and adulation.  She only accepted this challenge out of a sense of duty, and the hope of representing her beliefs with dignity and valor.  Although Rin is soft spoken and reserved, she is one of the fiercest and hungriest competitors in the field.

Sports Champions Female Characters Belle Booya Gadget
Sports Champions Belle

Home: Bucharest, Romania
Age / Sex: 18, Female
Height / Weight: 5’4”, 105 lbs
Primary Sport: Gymnastics
Strengths: Agility, Speed
While certainly one of the most determined contestants, Belle’s driven nature sometimes gets out of hand.  Forced into a state-run gymnastics program from an etremely young age, Belle never really developed the normal behavior and social skills of other girls her age and instead focused all her efforts on winning.  Groomed from the outset to be an Olympic Champion, she sees the competition as a waste of time and is only here to maintain favor with the directors of her school.  Feisty and bratty, she has an enormous sense of entitlement and only makes friends when she needs something.

Sports Champions Female Characters Kat Booya Gadget
Sports Champions Kat

Home: London, England
Age / Sex: 30, Female
Height / Weight: 5’10”, 165 lbs
Primary Sport: Boxing
Strengths: Speed, Strength
Kat learned to fend for herself at a young age.  She was discovered and taken in by a former boxing great and local gym owner.  It was here that Kat found a home, a family, and a purpose.  Fueled by the desire to emulate her mentor, Kat grew to become a fearsome female boxer under his tutelage.  Highly respected by her male rivals, she earned the nickname “Kat” for her tough-as-nails attitude that seemingly gives her 9 lives in the ring.