PS3 Move The Fight Demo Review Impressions

By Booya Gadget

I'm still a little bit in shock about IGN's review of this game at 3/10, I found it didn't make sense, so I hope you stumble on this before writing The Fight off from consideration.

PS3 Move The Fight Hard Punch Tips
PS3 Move The Fight Hard Punch Tips

If it were a movie, I might say rent it first, but I think some people may really enjoy this game.  I will review a game that I don’t like, but I won’t rate it badly because it’s not my type.  I’ll tell you right now I give it a 7/10 which I consider to be a solid “C”.  A 3/10 from a major review is why Booya has over 25,ooo views per month on YouTube.  I do own this game and I feel compelled to drive it as far as I physically can.  Speaking of that, this game will boost your trophies too, I got a silver trophy (Slayer) and a few bronze as well in the first 2 hours of playing.

One thing IGN did get right in their review of The Fight is that Danny Trejo definitely goes overboard in the tutorial, and I loved every minute of it.  I love Danny Trejo, and he’s such a great fit for this game.  Yeah, it’s silly showing hardcore street fighting with glowing orbs in your hand and the developers of The Fight knew that.  What a great tutorial, so memorable.  Personally my favorite Trejo films are Blood in Blood out, and his cameo in Bubble Boy. But he’s probably best known for playing in From Dusk Till Dawn.

PS3 Move The Fight Speed Bag Training
Speed Bag Training

“This game is not like any I’ve played before in my living room. I will tell you right now, you will be sore after playing.”

PS3 Move The Fight Calibration Screen Demo
The Fight Calibration Screen Demo

I was very curious about this game because I think it’s the first of its kind using any motion controllers.  Having tested the Kinect Your Shape Fitness, I found that in general, the punching style was similar at first but much more complex using the Move.  Punching blocks, punching faces, definitely had the same vybe, but as usual the Playstation Move takes it to the next level. Most special moves require a squeezing of a trigger or pushing of the button while simultaneously trying to knock homeboy out. I’ve never played a game like this before, it is part Fight Night, and part Fitness, while throwing in a certain “I don’t know what” as well.  This game is not like any I’ve played before in my living room. I will tell you right now, you will be sore after playing.  I feel like I did about 75 dips in one night. I’m sore, but it’s a good sore!


The Good:

  • Very unique game
  • Excellent upper body workout, seriously.
  • Yes, has Multiplayer online, yes, I got worked twice already
  • 7/10  Solid “C”  This will be right up some people’s alley.  I plan on going trophy hunting on it.
  • Some easy Bronze and Silver trophies to go grab early.  I got “Lucky”, and “Slayer” right off the bat.
  • Mix between, Fight Night, and Some Fitness Game.
  • What a treat for Danny Trejo fans, one of my favorite tutorials in any Move game so far.

The Bad:

  • Forces full install on first load, just took a while.
  • Feet must stay in one spot.. This is awkward, if I were fighting I would move a lot.
  • The game is a little dark, a little “Fight Noir”
  • If you want to play 2 players at home on Split Screen, you need a whopping 4 Move controllers.
  • This game requires a minimum of 2 Moves for single player
  • The “long” calibration is awkward, and I’ve not yet found the right environment for head tracking.  Not being functional is a major whammy violation.  In general, this is a good example of bad Move calibration.  They maybe should have waited another 6 months, and at least allowed me to fight without being stationary.  A Kinect version of this game would smoke The Fight.  Kinect is great at full body action, and this game shows a weakness in the Full Body abilities of the Move vs Kinect.
PS3 Move The Fight Multiplayer I got Knocked Out
The Fight Multiplayer I got Knocked Out

Let me say one more time, this game is NOT a 3/10, it’s also not a 9/10.    I traded in Ruse, and Brunswick Bowling already I didn’t like them, but The Fight I will be keeping around a while.  Now, I need some rest and Ibuprofen, because my shoulders and back need a break from my training to make this video for you..  Booya.  7/10  ”Give it a shot, rent it if you can first, but be open to buying it.”

The Fight Demo Review Video