Stream Movies to your Android with Tversity


This tutorial will cover how to stream your personal video library to your Android device using TVersity.

What you’ll need for this Booya:

Watch our video or read below to see Android streaming via TVersity in action.

Step #1: Converting your Movie for Progressive Streaming

Once you have installed Handbrake on your PC it is time to convert your digital file for streaming.  Open the Options Menu and set the default output folder to your TVersity Shared Folder.  Use the Iphone Legacy settings in Handbrake to create your file.

Handbrake Iphone Legacy Screen Shot Booya Gadget
Handbrake Iphone Legacy Screen Shot

Here is where you have to make your decision on compression.  Booya sets the Video Width at 480 and then selects the button to “Keep Aspect Ratio”.  The reason for this is that when the file is complete it will not only stream to your Android, but it will be playable by your PSP.

Handbrake Keep Aspect Ratio 480 Booya Gadget
Handbrake Keep Aspect Ratio 480

Before you begin your conversion you must check the “Web Optimized” button.  This makes your .mp4 a progressive file that can be streamed.

Handbrake Web Optimized booya Gadget
Handbrake Web Optimized

Select the Video tab and we can now adjust the quality of the file.  Booya sets the Average Bitrate between 384 and 512 so that we can get a file that is still of decent quality, but not too large for streaming over 3G.

Handbrake Average Bitrate 512 booya gadget
Handbrake Average Bitrate 512

Hit Start to get your conversion going, conversion times will vary depending on the power of your PC.

Step #2: Setting up TVersity for Streaming

Under the Setting Tab in TVersity you will find the Transcode Settings.  Make sure that “When To Transcode” is set to NEVER.

Tversity Never Transcode Setup booya gadget
Tversity Never Transcode Setup

Under General Settings you need to set up TVersity to allow outside connections to your media.  Check the Box that says: “TVersity should accept request originating from outside the home network”.  Enter your desired username and password.

Tversity Home Network Set up booya gadget
Tversity Home Network Set up

Remember to save your settings when you are done.

Step #3 – Streaming your move with nswPlayer

Head on over to the Android Marketplace and download nswPlayer.  This is the only player that will stream an .mp4 from TVersity.   Once you have the player installed it is time to head over to your online Tversity page.  The address of your online Tversity page is http://youripaddress:41952. If you are unsure of your PC’s IP Address head on over to and it will show it to you. Enter your username and password and then work through the menus to find your movie file.  Select the file and enjoy the show.