Free Valentines Day PS3 Theme Custom Cupid Mini


Love is in the air and your PS3 is joining in on the action. Booya Gadget has your Valentine's Day Theme ready for download. Get both your PSP and PS3 Valentine's Day themes today.

Free Valentines Day PS3 Theme BooyaGadget
Free Valentines Day PS3 Theme Screenshot

Visit our Free Stuff Page to get your Free valentines day theme for your Playstation.

In addition to this theme release we have to mention “Love Cupid” a PSP Mini that is perfectly themed for the holiday.  This is a two player PSP Mini, where player 1 shoots arrows at the bad guys and the floating hearts using the Analog Stick.  Meanwhile player 2 uses the square and circle button to move left and right catching the falling hearts, while avoiding the bad guys.  An awkward set-up that all takes place on one PSP.  However, if you are skilled enough, you can play this game by yourself and easily do both jobs.

Love Cupid PSP Mini Game Booya Gadget
Love Cupid PSP Mini Game

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