The Best Windows Phone 7 Games(2011)

By Booya Gadget

I am now a Windows Phone 7 Proud owner, so let's talk about 7 of my WP7 favorite games. These are games you should, at least, consider.

I semi-retired my Android MyTouch 3g slide in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.  I own it, I’ve owned Blackberry, Droid, an WP7, and I am loving Windows Phone 7.  I kept the droid, but I use it for in-house WiFi only.  It is actually one of the best alarm clocks you’ll ever have.

Android users, let me assure you that the WP7 Netflix App is all that it is hyped up to be, it is awesome.  I literally turn my television on less because of this application.

“There is one major bonus to remember if you happen to be an XBox Live user. You get full-on achievements in many WP7 games.”

Now to my top games after one month of ownership.  Please keep in mind that for a phone, I really enjoy cerebral games. Puzzles, time-consumers while waiting for an oil change or going potty at home. The nighttime “last game” also seems to be very popular amongst many Smart-Phone users. There is one major bonus to remember if you happen to be an XBox Live user. You get full-on achievements in many WP7 games.  Rejoice !

My favorite Windows Phone developer is Jake Poznanski now referred to as Random Salad Games a formal indie game team. They make a variety of free and high quality card games and more. In fact, I reached out to Jake and he’s what you call a “very responsive dev”, I assure you that Random Salad cares about users and wants to make good games.

  • Some of “Random Salad” games to check out for yourself:  Word Search, Solitaire, Spades, FreeCell, Hearts, Pirates Ahoy (finger slice game), Word Chief(create as many words as you can).
windows phone pirates ahoy finger slice booya random salad
Slice Pirate related sea creatures with your finger or stylus
  1. Flowerz:  Don’t worry, this is not a game of Roses, it’s a puzzle game.  match colors, but with a major twist, inner colors become colors.  Whatever.. Just try it out, I can say it’s the top game I play.
  2. Harbor Master:  This is basically Flight Control, but in the water.  The major difference is that you also have to manage when the boats unload and leave the dock/Harbor.  If you have Android, this is much like “Airport Mania”, but again in a harbor, not an airport.  A good game, challenging yet simple.
windows phone harbor master booya gadget
Manage the harbor, no boat wrecks
  • Wordament:  On the surface, this appears to be a simple “find the words game”, UNTIL you realize that you are competing LIVE against the ENTIRE WORLD!  No funky registrations, just add your call sign/username ( no email necessary )  and compete on the same board against every other player.. View your results, view how you stack up against the competition, and be humbled by the literary geniuses out there.  This is an absolute must try game for any word-puzzle gamers out there.  Love it.
wordament windows phone best games booya gadget
Wordament take on the world
  • UNO HD:  A family classic.  It’s just as good as the card game, AND it has XBox Live Achievements.

  • Parachute Panic:  Think Lemmings, but only parachutes landing on aircraft carriers.  The real catch is that you “swipe” a lot.  When you “swipe”, it simulates wind, and you land your homeys safely on a boat.  Of course, there are all kinds of clever obstacles  in the way to frack you up.
  • Max and the Magic Marker: Totally creative game..  You draw with yer finger to solve puzzles.. If there is a big gap in a road, you draw a bridge, and walk over it.. Pick up your bridge, and onto the next puzzle.. I’ve never played anything like this.
wp7 best games max and magic marker Puzzle App Booya Gadget
Max Magic Marker. Draw your own solutions
  • iloMilo
    Puzzle game, totally 3d.  This game could probably cause seizures, and I love it.  It’s easy at first, and then they throw some totally weird puzzles at you.  On a high level, you try to get ilo and milo “together” on each level, that is the goal.  But throw 3d in, and see you on the other side Venkman.
  • Nes Emulators
    Yes, a nintendo emulator is now available on Windows Phone 7.  However, you’ve gotta provide your own roms.  Although I prefer emulators on tablets, this is a decent way to get your RBI Baseball and SuperTecmo Bowl fix if you have those games.  There is a free and paid version of the app with a couple demo games.
  • Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne)
    This is a funny zombie shoot  ’em up game.  What people like best is smooth gameplay and some pretty funky metal type custom zombie-killin’ Music.  Give the Trial a spin.

The must download game, first one you should grab: Flowerz Video Review and Demonstration ( do you want more? leave a comment )

Honorable Mention:  Rise of Glory, Glyder, de Blob Revolution(puzzle level, cover as much)  ,Crackdown 2( Cool Nostalgia Alert:)   This game uses your location on Bing Maps as enemy ground.  So in my case,  friggin enemies were walking on Bing maps through Seattle Washington on local (familiar) roads and highways.  This is a defense game, so it would help if you’re into that.

One of my personal favorites: A video review of Spades by JakePoz:

Another poupular, but Non XBox Live game you should check out:

  1. Krashlander