At first glance this Mini would not have made the Booya Best List, but there is more than one way to play this game and it can get quite addicting.

*UPDATE* Game is no longer free for PS Plus Subscribers. Expired. The cost is $2.49 USD*
Pix’n Love Rush is a throwback to 8 bit games with Midi soundtracks created by Sanuk Games. Pix’n Love Rush has three different game modes to keep you entertained.

Classic Rush

Allows users to jump and shoot their way across the 125 levels within the game. You can choose either a 5 minute Rush, where you will just see a sample of the many levels or if you have some time on your hands you can choose to bypass the whole time-limit theme and grab pixels ‘til your blue in the face. The songs are snappy and the action is fast. Collect all the money and spit pixel balls at the bad guys. If you manage to string together a run of coin collection the bonuses will start stacking up.

PSP Mini Pix N Love Rush Booya Gadget review
PSP Mini Pix N Love Rush
Cursed Rush

This is where I got hooked. There is only one objective: DON’T FALL. You can’t stop as the floor beneath you is disappearing. Addictive to say the least. Beating each of these levels will take the quick reflexes and superb hand-eye coordination us gamers have been developing since we super-jumped for our first flag in Mario. There is no doubt this is where the addictive gamers may spend most of their time. Completing each of these challenges to 100% will probably warrant a classic gamer fist pump from the couch. Here is a 100% completed run of ‘HARD’ the first of 5 Cursed Rush Levels. And yes, there was a fist pump.

Direct Link to Youtube Best PSP Mini: Pix’n Love Rush! - Cursed Rush HARD 100%

On/Off Rush

This mode didn’t grab me like the previous two. Simply put this mode has you grabbing sun icons during the day and moon icons during the night. I found this mode to be very simple and not very rewarding. The timer runs during your game and when it runs out the game is over. For some reason it didn’t grab me and I found myself right back to Cursed Rush.

PSP Mini Pix N Love Rush Booya Gadget review 2
Gameplay Screenshot

Overall, this is a simple game with a soundtrack that you won’t be able to shake from your head. I am humming the song right now as I write this summary. The Mini is great for passing time and it feels alot like your old classic console games hopped up on steroids. The action is quick and can suck you right into the game. I enjoyed it and I recommend it.

Direct link to our PIX’N LOVE RUSH gameplay video on Booya Gadget youtube Worth a watch if you are still on the fence.