How to Connect Wii Controller for Nesoid Android Xoom

By Booya Gadget

Play Nintendo on Android with a Wii Controller

Since posting our video showing off Nesoid on my Xoom, I got a lot of questions on connecting your Wii Motion Plus Controller to my Android.  I’m using a Xoom, and it looks amazing but if your Droid device is compatible the rules are the same.  Our Best Xoom Apps has the written muscle-flexing of this smile-generating writeup.  Although this is titled for Nesoid, connecting a Wii Motion Controller works for all the emulators so the main steps can be used for PS One, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Atari, and even Nintendo 64 emulators. So keep on reading  as it works well.

Figher Hyabusa Android. Back Brain Kick! booya gadget
Figher Hyabusa on your Droid ! Back Brain Kick!

This walkthrough is specific for the nesoid (NES) app and driving with a Wii Motion Controller, NOT the Classic pro which is slightly different. We also have the instructions for the Classic Pro ( Snesoid) on another post.You do NOT need a Wii Motion controller to play Nesoid, but it sure makes it better !  Here is a quick run through.  We also have a complete set of sample photos on our Flickr gameplay and Wii Connection.

1.  Install the Apps from the Android Marketplace

How To Connect Wii Remote to Xoom bluetooth booya
error if bluetooth disabled

2. I assume you have some NES Files? If you don’t you’re really wasting your time. This is searchable.. On your own here.

3. Ensure your device’s bluetooth is ON

How To Connect Wii Remote to Xoom Red Button
Press that small red button then fire up Wiimote App

4. Open up your Wii battery slot, and push the red button, to enable bluetooth synch.

launch of Wiimote Android Keyboard Booya
First launch of Wiimote, adds to Droid Inputs
Select your new input method wii android booya
Select your new input method

5.  Fire up Wiimote, click INIT.

  • The first time you fire it up, a popup will display, select YES.. This will add a new input method on your droid device.  WiiControllerIME
  • Now enable this new input method in your Language & Input settings options. “turn it on”.  Go back into WiiMote app and ensure your INIT CONNECT is successful.  It will say it found 1 device.  Things are looking good now, getting closer.
Connected, wiimote androido booya gadget
Connected, but you're not done yet.
android wiimote map controls keys booya
Manually map the keys or it will fail.

6. Fire up Nesoid

  • Hit the settings menu / Input Settings / Key mappings.. This is the GOTCHA that most people ask me about.  Once your Wii controller is connected, you must “manually” remap the keys !  If you fire up a game and nothing happens when you push buttons, this is why !  I recommend that you save your profile.. I called mine “Wii Controller” .  You may want to create the profile before you enable the Wii as the input method, otherwise you cannot type.  I also selected “gamepad” as my 2nd input device.
  • CRITICAL: You also need to go to nesoid/settings/Other Setings and enable “Use input method”..  I don’t remember doing it, I just work here.  But it should be checked so you can rock the bluetooth connections.
  • CRITICAL : If you go to Map your keys and still can’t push a button, MAKE SURE (on phone/tablet) settings/input that your CURRENT input device is set to IME.
android wiimote map controls keys booya
Map up,down,left,right,select,start then SAVE profile

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BOOYA !  Enjoy the hell out of your Nintendo games.. In my opinion, this is one of the best apps of all times, if you’re into nostalgia that is.

Here is the demo on my beloved Android Honeycomb Xoom !

Nesoid Multiplayer Video: