PSP Tips and Tricks: How To Connect your PSP to an External Monitor


The PSP 2000, 3000, and Go all have the ability to export their display onto an external monitor.  This feature has been around awhile, but I wanted to touch on the feature now because of the possibility that a feature like this could and should be included in the NGP.

Using the PSPgo for this demonstration I was able to use a Bluetooth PS3 controller to drive around the XMB.  This is a great addition to the using an external monitor cause it allows you to get away from the portable console and sit back on the couch and treat the PSP as more of a home console.

While the feature isn’t without imperfections it does a suitable job of displaying the content and maked for a feature that is well worth using.

The first step in connecting to an external display is to get yourself the PSP AV cables that will connect your PSP to your monitor.

AV PSP Cable for External Monitor by BooyaGadget
AV PSP Cable for External Monitor

Once you are connected go to Setting in the XMB and navigate down until you see “Connected Display Settings.”  After you click on this selection the PSP will ask you for a confirmation and once you select “Yes” your display will move to your LCD Monitor.

Switch Video Output PSP by BooyaGadget
Switch Video Output PSP

Once connected you can navigate just as if you were holding your PSP.  If you do not have a Bluetooth PS3 controller you just use the your PSP as if it was a controller.  Either way you can sit back and relax and enjoy your PSP on the big screen.

For a demo of how this works check out this video.

Hopefully this is a feature that makes its way onto the NGP.  I would like to see a few revisions and I think they are easily going to be met by Sony’s next handheld.

Because of the higher resolutions that the NGP will support I would like to see all of the programs and games go full screen on my HDTV.  Secondly, I would like the ability to connect multiple controllers to the NGP so that we could get good two player action.  And finally, I would like to see them move to HDMI-out, much like some of the new smartphones.