Best Xoom Apps: Folder Organizer Sort Label & Customize

By Booya Gadget

If you happen to be an Appaholic like I am, then you may be scratching your head on app folder organization. Maybe even getting confused. I was!

I burn through apps more than most, because I like to write about them for our readers, so it was getting a bit crazy.  I’m also a total feature snob!  I had to search around myself for a way to organize, sort, and clear out some space on my Motorola Xoom featuring the Honeycomb Android operating system.  I found a must have app and it is the Folder Organizer by Fabio Collini. Looks like it averages 4.5 Stars, so although you should, you don’t have to take my word for it..  About 9k users nice enough to review the app agree with me.

Android Folder Organizer Play Store listing booyagadget
Android Folder Organizer Play Store listing

The app is NOT FREE, but about $1.50 USD and worth all the pennies to keep yourself from going berserk with all your games, apps, shortcuts, contacts, and bookmarks.  The key to this app is what I call “garbage in-garbage out”.  I run a tight ship, and this must-have application requires your assistance.  If you don’t customize it then you don’t get a well oiled ship.  It is worth some time and the earlier you do it the better, create your own system.

If you’re wondering, YES it does have widgets, and a lot of them which are very customizable that’s what you get for a paid app.  This might be the best but I didn’t try every single one.

Folder Organizer Widgets booyagadget
Folder Organizer Widgets

It has a powerful organization engine for contacts and bookmarks, but for me I used it mainly for the labeling system which I recommend for you as well.  The general principle is that every app gets a label.  You can use the built-in labels, and create your own and I did both.  In particular, I found the volume of my games a bit much, so I simply used the app’s built in “Games” label and then added my own sub-categories as well such as: Puzzles, Action,Shooters, Card Games and so on.  At the time of this article I didn’t see this app in the Amazon App store, so just cruise to the Droid Store.

android Folder Organizer Games Organize booyagadget
android Folder Organizer Games

It reminds me of my iTunes collection.. Sometimes you don’t want to listen to hard core rap and sometimes you just want to play a simple game.. But where the hell is the app ??  Problem solved with Folder Organizer.  This, or a similar app is a must have, but I highly recommend that before you purchase you consider all the features.  I recommend this app very strongly but if you’re not willing to work at it it’s kinda useless although it will give you some love just with the default settings.

Folder Organizer must have app Labeling System
Folder Organizer must have App Labeling System

Another badass feature is even MORE customization of appearance by using your own custom icons.  If you want to see just a little bit more, I’m a nice person and uploaded all 10 photos to our Flickr page, you should be our friend on Flickr too, for our little super-secret uploads that we do.   With Folder Organizer, if you give it a little love and elbow grease, you will reap great rewards!  If you kiss this app on the mouth, it kisses back guaranteed it happened to me.

One thing I like to keep track of is busted apps, force closers, or non-honeycomb optimized games etc.  Right after the error or nasty undesireable gameplay, I slap a label on it:  *BUSTED BROKEN SUCKS or similar, and then they’re automatically added to that magic folder so I can follow up with an email to the dev or a rating in the market to help the next guy.   Check out a bunch more photos HERE that I did not include in this article to see a little of my strategy.  In general, I can’t tell you how to use this but I can give you some tips.  We all organize and think differently so I’d just encourage you to play around and customize this app for how YOU need it done!!  This is a must have app for folks that LOVE APPS ( me included ).. BOOYA !


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  • Group items according to labels and create customizable folders and widgets
  • Create fully customizable folders and widgets. You can organize apps, bookmarks, contacts and shortcuts
  • Change folder icon, icon pack support
  • Sort folder items any way you like
  • Make app shortcuts with custom icons and names
  • IconFinder support: search for new icons on the web
  • Put items in notification bar
  • Scrollable widgets

Tutorials are available in official site

Android Folder Organizer App QR Link
Android Folder Organizer App QR Link