Best Toys: Little Tikes Drive Chip Putt Golf Trainer

By Booya Gadget

Okay, I gotta admit it. I love Tiger Tiger Woods!  When I look at my son I can't help but imagine a 15 year old smashing 350 yard drives at Augusta National.

It may be a little premature, as my son is only 17 months old, but it seemed like a good enough time for him to start swinging it.  My son had so much fun with the Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set I had to sample another of their toys.  I picked up the Little Tikes Drive, Chip, and Putt Golf Trainer and experienced the same wonderful success.  These products by Little Tikes are affordable, fun, and durable; the golf set is only $24.48 at (Little Tikes Drive & Putt Golf Set).  In a time when most of us are trying to save money while providing for our children, these toys are working beautifully for me and my family.  As a former college baseball player (@WSU…go Cougs!) I naturally gravitated to the game of golf.  I’m now in love.  It is certainly a dream of mine to one day play a round with my son…and I am hoping this golf set will get him as excited about golf as Dad.

Best Toy Little Tikes Drive Chip Putt Golf Trainer by BooyaGadget
Little Tikes Clubs and Stand

There is really nothing to the assembly of the golf set, it basically comes fully assembled.  All you have to do is plug a few pieces in place and your child will be driving, chipping, and putting a plastic golf ball without breaking anything in the house (very crucial).

How it works

Little Tikes Drive & Putt Golf Set comes with three different clubs which all have a hole in the base for easy storage (driver, iron, & putter).  There are 3 plastic golf balls along with the ball on a rotating arm.  The arm can be easily swung in 180 degrees from tee to fairway with the push of a button.  My son is a little young to be able to utilize the ball connected to a rotating arm, but Dad took it for a test run…it was VERY entertaining.

Best Toy 2 Little Tikes Drive Chip Putt Golf Trainer by BooyaGadget
Little Tikes Clubs
Child Response

My son is only 17 months old so he so he does not yet have coordination to take full advantage of the set (recommended age 2-6 years), but he still has loads of fun with it.  He takes the putter and whacks the balls around the house, hokey style, while letting out joyous baby sounds.  I really feel like the motion of swinging the club and focusing on striking the ball has increased his hand eye coordination.  He has stepped all over the base, tugged it and pulled it, and it has not broken.  I am very satisfied with the results and can see this golf set becoming more useful as my son’s motor skills increases.


Little Tikes toys are 2 for 2 in the Booya 808 household; the EasyScore Basketball Set and Drive, Chip, and Putt Golf Trainer have kept my son occupied and having fun while being active.  Since I have purchased these toys his coordination has increased exponentially.  He loves to shoot hoops and swing his clubs; they have taken over several of his younger kid toys (baby rings & stuffed animals have been kicked to the curb).  If you’re looking to help your little one swing it like Tiger. Then I would strongly recommend this affordable toy that grows with your child. Little Tikes Drive & Putt Golf Set gets a virtual high five from Booya Baby

Best Toy Little 3 Tikes Drive Chip Putt Golf Trainer by BooyaGadget
Tee - Stand