Best Xoom Accessories: Case and Stand by Navitech - Good

By Booya Gadget

Since it is fairly new, there are not a lot of great and must have accessories out yet for the Motorola Xoom.  I've personally been searching for a decent case-stand combination and Navitech's offering from fit the bill.

Right off the bat, I will tell you this case is not perfect, in fact, I give it 3.5 /5 stars.  However, it absolutely does everything it says in the marketing hype, it just doesn’t do it all perfectly.  This case will protect your Xoom, and the stand does actually work great.  It does not make me tingle like my Xoom’s Arkon Folding Stand, but it gets the job done.  Sniff around on your own, the other cases are not as good as this offering from Navitech. I paid $17 (+ shipping) and for that price this falls into the must-have / best Tablet accessory bucket !  I’m going to show you everything I can about this case-stand combo from Navitech with a writeup, flickr pics, and even a video so you can save or spend your money!

Xoom Case Stand Review Navitech Best Must Have 1 Booya Gadget
Case and Stand for your Xoom. Worth it at $17

The GOOD about this Case/Stand Combo:

  • It’s a case +1. It’s a stand +1. It’s BOTH a case AND a stand.. +1 !
  • Stand works well, optimized for landscape mode, this can actually display in portrait mode as well.
  • FRONT: “Holes in the Right Spots:  When open, you can charge, HDMI Out, plug in headphones etc.. No need to remove the Xoom to plug it in.
  • BACK:  Holes are pretty good in the back.  Mic is unimpeded, flash will work, and rear-camera “ok”
  • Bottom line is heavy photo/video Xoom users may get annoyed at slight adjustments / tweaks while case is in certain positions.
  • It is $17.. for multi-purpose protection and functionality.  That won’t break any bank.
  • Yes, I WOULD recommend it to fellow Xoom Owners. Caveat-> if you don’t use pic/video camera a LOT.
  • So far, it’s the BEST in class.
  • Navitech’s support was good, but it sucks that I needed to contact support ( late shipping )
  • Good Reviews ( from people that received the case )
  • I use the case exclusively now. ( but I keep my Arkon stand close by )
Xoom Case Stand Review Navitech Best Must Have Booya Gadget
Back of the Case Holes for Audio and Outputs

The BAD:

  • This is pig-skin leather, and is not soft and ain’t “premium”.  It literally needs to be broken in like a baseball glove.
  • Front Camera view is impeded by not-broken in leather.
  • This thing needs a button or velcro not a weak magnetic seal to keep it closed. I might even mod it myself, to help their engineer.
  • Navitech is having availability and shipping issues.
  • Most negative reviews are definitely based on shipping issues, but sucks they’re having issues. Glad I got my case !

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Watch our Video Review of the Navitech Case and Tablet Stand now: