Free PSP Mini: Enigmo


Our review and impressions of the addicting PSP-mini game Enigmo.

*UPDATE* PS Plus Subscribers FREE time limit for this Mini has expired*

Enigmo is a PSP Mini brought to the PSN by Beatshapers development. This puzzle game will challenge the way you think as there are countless solutions to each level as you bounce, re-direct, and shoot water, fire and oil around the map to fill your urns in the allotted time.


The concept is simple, get the drops of fluid into their respective buckets, but the execution can be very difficult.  Early levels are fairly simple as the main goal is to use the tool sets to direct the water into the blue urn.  However, once you dig deeper into the game, lava and oil are added to the mix and a combination of tools and steps are required to move water, lava, and oil into their blue, red, and green urns.

PSP MINI Enigmo Review Booya Gadget
PSP MINI Enigmo Gameplay Screenshot

Using the 8 different tools that include bumpers, sliders, accelerators, and sponges to re-direct the liquid the user attempts to fill each urn with 40 droplets of liquid.  Once the urns are full of liquid the level ends and the points are rewarded.  There is no time limit for a level so you can work out the puzzle at your own pace.  However, the bonus points that will create your score are ticking away while you work.  Thus, the faster you move the higher your score.

There are 50 levels to keep you busy, each one harder than the last.  If you are interested in seeing this game in action I have completed a video that will walk-thru levels 14 & 15. Keep in mind that this is a puzzle game so if you are not wanting one of the many solutions for these levels to be spoiled. . .you have been warned.

Here is a direct link to our Enigmo Gameplay and Review video


This is a great puzzle game.  As I said in the video, the game was difficult for me to pick up, but I don’t want that to deter from the game itself.  If you love puzzle games like Lemmings, then you will enjoy this game.