Must Have Accessories MacBook Pro: HDMI Out to TV or Monitor

By Booya Gadget

For about $10 you can output your Video and Audio via HDMI to your TV or Monitor with the Griffin Connect from Amazon and other retailers.

This must-have accessory for your MacBook Pro utilizes the Mini display port and is “damn easy” to setup.  I am going to tell you all about it in this article as well as a very detailed HD video that shows you EVERYTHING this awesome and affordable cable can do.

This accessory will show ANYTHING on your screen. That means photos, websites, Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, home Videos etc! At the end of the article, we show a video with a full demonstration of this awesome MacBook accessory! Even if you don’t think you need this, you should order it or pick it up from your local store. For $10 it’s an awesome feature add for your expensive yuppy MacBook Pro, just like mine.

Read many other raving reviews ( avg 4.5 on Amazon) and buy an adapter on Amazon they have new Amazon Basics Adapter that is very popular.

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Must Have Accessories MacBook Pro HDMI Out Griffin Booya Gadget
Griffin HDMI and DVI Video out for MacBook Pro


  1. Plug in the cable to your MacBook Pro’s Mini Display Port
  2. Plug an HDMI cable into the female business on the Griffin Converter and the other end into your TV or Monitor
  3. On your MacBook, go to settings:  Display / and decide whether you want to Copy ( mirror ) your desktop or “Extend” it your call no wrong answer.
  4. On your MacBook, go to settings: SOUNDS / OUTPUT  and select the HDMI TV that is now visible after plugging it in.
  5. ROCK.
Settings AUDIO OUT HDMI must have accessories MacBook Pro Booya Gadget

Remember, if you only have DVI, you only get a VIDEO signal, so you’ll need to run additional cables or connect with bluetooth for audio.  HDMI, however carries both signals.

Here is a detailed video demonstration showing you EVERYTHING that you could ever want this must-have MacBook Pro accessory to do !

Massive thanks goes to T-Spade for providing ALL the great music for this product demonstration for YOU !

You can buy T-Spade ( great west-coast rap ) at AMAZON or CDBaby right now!