Connect your iPhone,Android, or Tablet to BlueTooth Home Stereo. Awesome!

By Booya Gadget

If you have a spendy-trendy tablet, gadget, smart phone, PC or Mac you can easily connect it to your home stereo with a 2 way bluetooth adapter.

The intial product I ever used is the BlueTooth with the Sony HWSBTA2W. The initial product I used in this review ( years ago ) is no longer being manufactured, but there are new and cheaper models to achieve the same thing if you search amazon for 2 way Bluetooth Adapters.

Yes, with a Two-Way Bluetooth Adapter you can easily play any audio from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Xoom, WP7, Blackberry and many other tech gadgets to your home receiver. There are a few good and bad points of this device, which I will cover, but if you just want to play music (or sound from movies, Netflix, Hulu, or similar) you should definitely consider the Sony HWS-BTA2W available at Amazon and EBay for between $40-$55 USD. I own it, and it’s pretty sweet and can definitely fill your needs!  Everything I own successfully connects to this bluetooth adapter, and pumps through my home stereo.


The way I use the Sony Bluetooth adapter, is mainly for music and audio streaming from video on my devices. For example, I use it to listen to music stored directly on my toys, or even Pandora, Zune, and Google Music. So, for music only you’re covered!  I have a lot of devices, more than most, and I’m confident that musically you will be satisfied. Another cool way you can use this is to watch video on your iPad or Tablet, and stream the audio straight to your home stereo!  I definitely do this a lot as well and you can too once your sweet little bluetooth adapter arrives in the mail!  I use this not only for my Xoom tablet, and smart phones, but it also works with my Macbook Pro and PC as well. I hope I’m helping you use your imagination, but I think a majority of purchasers will use this for music streaming. Yet another option would be to connect this to your TV and stream the audio FROM your TV TO a set of Bluetooth Headphones for late night movie watching with a sleeping spouse.. So many options.


  • GOOD:  Connect a plethora of devices to your home stereo. Throw a kick-ass party using your phone, or enjoy video sound in style.
  • GOOD: Although pricey, this is one of the lower cost methods to wireless stream audio to(or from) your home stereo system!
  • BAD: A little Expensive. Expect $45-$55
  • BAD: If you have multiple devices, you have to re-sync each time. Works with multiple devices, but requires a little extra elbow grease since you’ll have to do the below instructions if you flip-flop back and forth. If you only have 1 device, this is not a problem..
  1. Connect your HWSBTA2 to your home stereo with a stereo jack->analog(red,white)
  2. Plug in the HWSBTA2W Sony Bluetooth Adapter, turn it on, press and hold the “ID SET button” for about 8 seconds’ish. This will set the adapter into discovery mode.
  3. Grab yer device, turn on its Bluetooth and ensure it is ready to discover new devices!
  4. Once both devices are on and ready to talk, your phone/tablet/pc will find the Sony adapter.
  5. Your device will ask for the super-secret-magic password which is “OOOO”  (  4-Zeroes )
  6. BAM !  Now your audio will stream from your device to your home stereo! ( make sure your input settings set on your home stereo )


Good Luck Out There