How To Send Maps to your Ford Sync from Google and Mapquest

By Booya Gadget

Here is an early article on how to send maps from home to your car.

I love my 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid with Ford Sync and sending maps TO MY CAR from my computer or phone is one of my favorite features so far and I use it all the time. In fact, for all Ford,Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles with Microsoft-powered “Sync Services” it is easy to send your maps to your vehicle from your PC, Mac, phone or laptop. The most common scenario that I use this functionality for  is when I’m on my computer, and get invited to a gathering, or need to drive somewhere that is not programmed in my Lincoln navigation system already. I locate the address using Google Maps OR Mapquest ( both are Send to Sync compatible ), then just SEND IT TO MY CAR, get in my ride, and I’m off to the destination magically. If it’s not obvious that I love this feature, I rate it: “Badass”.

UPDATE JUNE 2012. You can now Send to Sync from the “Sync Destinations” Mobile App available on Android and iPhone. Requires GPS enabled device so it wouldn’t install on my WiFi only iPad3.

UPDATE AUG 2012. Google Maps no longer is able to send to sync. I think it’s licensing related. The way to go now is to use the Sync App directly. Probably because they wanted to sell Android Auto.

How To Send Maps to your Ford Sync from Google and Mapquest
Sending Maps for Nav to my 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid All the Time

For example, the last 3 places I used this feature on were: 1) to get my windows tinted in Seattle, 2) to visit a friend’s new house,  3) to drop off gadgets at a local electronics recycling center. I will cover what are basically 3 steps. It will take a few minutes to first get setup, but you will love this feature in the long run.

How To Send Maps to your Ford Sync from Google and Mapquest Booya Gadget
Step 1 is to Register your car (vin) and phone at

Register your phone, vehicle, and address at

  • At this site you will need to input your cell phone number, vehicle VIN, and home address
  • If you want to utilize other features offered by “Sync Services” this would be a good time to do it. Stuff like local sports, and other news updates can be customized for your vehicle. Full account customization is not needed if you only want to send maps to your Car.

Locate your desired address on Google Maps and “SEND TO CAR”

  • Either manually or from an email / Evite etc locate your address or location using Google Maps or Mapquest.
  • In Google Maps:  Click the “SEND” Icon which looks like an envelope or you can select MORE / SEND. Enter your vehicle type and cell Number.
  • You CANNOT customize the route, you can only send the address to your vehicle’s Sync Navigation where the route will be calculated.
  • While it works on phones and tablets in addition to laptops/desktops, so far I have found that you MUST USE THE FULL/CLASSIC web page, to enable the “SEND TO” functionality. You CANNOT USE THE MOBILE version of Google or Mapquest. ( unless I’m missing something )
How To Send Maps to your Ford Sync from Google Maps Booya Gadget
From Google Maps, just hit "SEND TO" and link to your phone. VOILA!

STEP 3:  Head out to your ride: Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury and say: “SERVICES”

  • With your phone in hand and bluetooth enabled, head out to your hot ride. Fire up the ride, and make sure the phone connects via bluetooth.
  • Press the Voice Command button on your steering wheel and say:  ”SERVICES”
  • Your vehicle will connect with your phone and literally make a phone call to Sync-Services.
  • Once connected the magic voice in the sky will tell you that: “Google Maps(or Mapquest)  has sent you a destination would you like to download?”  Say: “YES”
  • Wait for the magical system to complete the navigation download. Once the map is completely downloaded, you’ll have the chance to set it as your destination.
  • Drive to your party/restaurant/store/service/appointment in style with turn by turn voice navigation ! Totally Booya!

  • CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO WALKTHRU ON THIS CLUTCH, BUT EASY PROCESS. Props to Microsoft Sync for this Navigation Trick.