FIFA 12 Defensive Player Bible Part 1/5: Traits, Height, and Weight

By Booya Gadget

Need some help playing defensive positions in FIFA 12 ?   Welcome to the FIFA Defensive Player Bible Part 1 of 5.

The focus of part 1 is player setup, size, and trait selections.

I love playing online with my Club or practicing my skill in Pro Ranked Match. REMEMBER! The focus of this FIFA defensive bible is for Club and PRM players. The number of ACTIVE players on your club also matters, so an assumption I’m making here is that you’re rolling with 4-11 players actively in club. Based on my experience, it’s normally not a great idea to play 2 player club with 1 defender and 1 striker for example. When you become a NASTY defender you can single-handedly stop weak and predictable offensive teams.

FIFA 12 Defensive Player Bible Part 1 Setup Traits and Physical Size
Boost your VP RIGHT NOW. I'm a 94 CB . AS A CB USE STOPPER

Early on in your Virtual Pro career, you may be tempted to edit your defensive player to 5 foot 7 inches for speed. I do NOT recommend that. When you play defense correctly, you won’t need to be 92 speed, your guy will get tossed around and injured as a lightweight, so make him big and tough, make him PUNK the offensive players and control headers!  If you want a high VP rating you will have to be over 6 feet tall. As a defender, the higher your VP rating and the better skill you have, the taller you can be. However, CB’s can be bigger than CDM, because as a CDM in certain situations you will need more speed than a pure CB for the occasional fast break. Again, match this to your own club’s style. If your club does not need your offensive help as a CDM, then go tall. If your club offense is weak, then play shorter so you can have more speed and fill in on fast breaks.

DEFENDER WEIGHT:  Being heavy is nice, you can punk offensive players just by touching them and rarely will you fall down when bumped. Very rarely do I ever see a player over 200 pounds. You can test this out yourself, but heavy weight decreases most skills except strength. I recommend playing in the 170 pound weight range for defensive players. Tweak as necessary but do NOT dip down to the 150’s.

CB Height:  The ideal size for a high VP RCB/LCB is 6’0 Foot even up to 6’3” .  80% of the time, your opponents Strikers will be between 5’7” and 5’9” and 150 pounds. They are speedster strikers. They’re fast and dangerous but Super-Weak!  Have you noticed on corner-kicks when the announcer says:  ”They’re bringing the BIG defenders up for the cross”. THAT’S YOU !!  And as a CB, corner kicks are your rare chance to score via header, so be a big gnarly-ugly-rough n tough-bastard. Just make sure to get your arse back on Defense ASAP on failed corners or back out before the kick is off during a close game.

CDM Height:  For CDM, I play between 5’10” and 6’2” depending on your club and personal playing style. When playing as a taller CDM, I focus on controlling midfield headers. As a shorter CDM, my goal is to use my speed to read and intercept passes just inside midfield. When you head-back or steal 5-10 passes during a single game to your offense you will have a major impact on the pitch and increase your chances of Man of The Match (MOTM). Stealing and heading balls from inside the midfield is devastating to the competition and will make you a clubhouse favorite.. My standard CDM height is 6’1” and somewhere in the 170 pound range.

The most difficult Defensive achievement is to get 1,500 tackles. Holy Cow.. Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten that yet, but constantly work towards it.


FIFA 12 Defensive Player Bible Part 1/5: Traits, Height, and Weight
I have yet to see a higher 88 CDM than me. AS CDM USE BALL WINNER


  1. Driven Pass: This allows you to make strong and long clearance passes when available.
  2. Power Header:  Get some distance on your clearing headers on opponent’s corner kicks, and crosses. Also, this will give you some POP on your own headers when you move up for your own team’s corner kicks.(Far post Hint-Hint)
  3. Acrobatic Clearance: Acro Clearances make for a super-sexy clearance using the one-time touch, especially when running backwards towards your own goal. Quick clear a threat AND setup your offense for a great counter attack. Advanced move, but well worth having in your arsenal.
  4. Swerve Pass:  This pass is best for dancing on the sideline with your pass or when you switch the field. It is both sexy and very effective.
  5. 1 Trait Of your own Choosing Depending on CDM/CB or your play style:
    • Second Wind:  Good for any Defender. Get a late game boost to your energy. If you conserve energy well, you shouldn’t need it, but it’s nice to have.
    • Fancy Flicks:  This allows CB/CDM to get off nice sliding and one-touch passes when confronted by the opposition. This is also the best way to make “Back Heel” passes. ( also an achievement )
    • Fancy Passes: This allows CB/CDM to get off nice AERIAL passes when confronted by the opposition.
    • Diving header:  Best for CDM players who sometimes run offensively on counter attacks !  Extremely sexy goals scored this way from crosses and corners !
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