FIFA 12 Defensive Player Bible Part 3: 13 Passing Tips and Strategy

By Booya Gadget

Welcome to the FIFA Defensive Player Bible Part 3 of 5! The focus of part 3 is Defensive Passing and this is critical to your success.

Becoming a great defensive passer will help your match ratings, MOTM, and help your team score more goals.

Passing for both offensive and defensive players is about timing, angles, momentum and anticipation. You must learn to get some loft on your passes and to learn when to play it safe. It takes practice along with the 13 FIFA Defensive passing tips below. You will be loved by your team if you can both stop goals and feed counter attacks. A solid defensive passer is a deadly weapon to have on your Club, so take pride in it and constantly be looking to improve in this area. CDM players can have even more impact and get more assists as you will be in a more forward position than your CB.

CDM players should consider mastering the thru and lob pass for potential assist opportunities. Understanding how to delay for just a second or two can also help. A Short delay dribble can help your out-of-position strikers get back onsides, or in a position to receive a safer lob,thru, or standard pass for an attack on goal.

FIFA Defensive Bible Cross Pass Get Some Loft Fifa Defensive Passing
This pass would be intercepted if it were not lofted. Great Pass!  A swerve pass(trait) would also work but is often more risky than simply lofting the pass.


  1. Never use Square(Slide Tackle/Clear) while you’re inside the 18!!!  Here’s the bad news. If you slide tackle in the 18 it can result in a RED CARD, AND A GOAL. So you lose the lead and the team loses a player. I’ve seen many many many Rookies try this stupid stunt and it is a massive FIFA FAIL. Sure, it’s happened to me before but just do not do it. It’s simply not worth it. Just hit standard pass or shot and you will head or clear the ball just fine.
  2. Get rid of the frigging ball on Defense. DON’T GET FANCY!  Your midfielders and strikers are paid to be fancy get them the ball where a turnover won’t hurt as badly. When playing defense, I never juke when on defense.
  3. GO WITH THE FLOW. Use your current momentum when deciding where to pass. Turning around to sneak a pass off is extremely dangerous. It is safest to pass in the general direction you are running.
    FIFA Bible Defensive Tips CB CDM Passing DO NOT TURN AROUND
    Use the angles here. In this play do NOT TURN AROUND to pass.
  4. Use The Keeper for relief. I just don’ t see enough players using the GK. Your team won’t get mad at you when you play “Safe” defense. But if you  consistently try to get tricky and give up a goal, you may get kicked off the club.
  5. Clear the ball. when in doubt, get safe. You can’t always make a killer pass to midfielders and strikers. Kicking it out of bounds will allow your team to reset from a dangerous threat. <p>
    FIFA Defensive Tips Bible Passing CLEAR THIS BALL
    This is a VERY dangerous situation. You MUST CLEAR THIS BALL. Kick this sucker out of bounds immediately
  6. Use the one-touch pass if under pressure. (Press pass before you receive the ball). Sometimes even a single dribble can result in a turnover in a bad place and therefore, a goal. I also use this to create my own give-and-go pass scenario. Call for the ball from a CPU teammate, and give it right back. This can give your midfielders just enough time to get open and call for the ball themselves. A nice quick/safe give and go can also be used to increase your passing statistics and MOTM potential.
  7. Switching the field use the cross/ clear pass is a riskier move but high reward. Defensive field switching is also a play I don’t see enough. Human strikers/midfielders tend to swarm sometimes, flip the field and watch your offense get deep into enemy territory. When switching the field most often you will want to use Square / Cross / Clear button and NOT the standard pass. If a cross field pass is intercepted that is a sure-fire goal. The Swerve Pass Trait can also be used to switch the field and avoid interception.
  8. SOFT PASSES TO YOUR OFFENSE WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Your forwards/midfielders love passes they can handle! It is a totally veteran move. A nice-soft pass allows your offense to create space and make initial moves. Give them a pass at 100 mph and you limit their ability.
  9. Chill Out, Don’t Panic. Remember, passing in FIFA is about momentum, angles and anticipation. Sometimes it’s fine to take a few dribbles, or to clear the ball. But if you freak out, something bad will happen.
  10. Passing Angles are critical in FIFA. In Club Play, you will begin to find some favorite midfielders that know how to come back to you and help your passing angles. If they don’t give the ball to the CPU,GK, or clear the ball out of bounds. Good midfielders will help you and you shouldn’t have to ask twice.
  11. Hit square to get some lift on passes. This will greatly reduce your intercepted passes from the defensive half of the field. For deeper passes, I strongly recommend you start using clear to get some loft and avoid over-aggressive opponents. Burn their ass and let your offense take over. Smile after you make a killer clear pass.
  12. You can create your own fast break / counter attack with a simple, accurate outlet pass. I call it, “the pass, before the pass, before the pass that scored the goal” and it matters. When you become a great defensive passer you can literally start breaks all by yourself. Intercept a ball then make a great thru pass or soft pass to your midfielders or strikers. The Thru-Ball(triangle)/ Lob Too can be a totally devastating pass from defense especially for CDM players. Watch them take it up and score all from YOUR study of Booya’s bible!  A defensive generated thru / lob pass is best used during club with offensive players expecting the pass. (Anticipation)  This is harder to due in a Pro Ranked Match with strangers.
  13. Improve passing by using the Acrobatic Clearance, Swerve Pass, and Fancy Flicks Traits as indicated in the Bible Part 1.
FIFA 12 Defensive Bible Passing Acrobatic Clearance in Action Defense
This is Acrobatic Clearance in Action. Clear Out of bounds or past midfield. The other option here is to use the Goal Keeper. This is a VERY Dangerous situation. The defender successfully cleared the ball.


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