Sega Total War Battles : Dust Before the Wind SPOILER-Solution

By Booya Gadget

Short walkthrough in Sega Total War Battles level Dust in the Wind. It is not too hard, here's how to do it.

Dust Before the Wind Collect 950 Wood in 8 Minutes Total War
Deploy the Lumber Yards and protect them.

Here you go, the **SPOILER** for Sega Total War Battles “Dust Before The Wind” level for the iPad and iPhone.</a>  This level is pretty far into the game, and at this point I knew the key was placement of the provided lumber yards. The goal here is to collect 950 wood in 8 minutes. It’s not too hard once you know how and where to place the Lumber Yards. After that you simply need to protect them. Great strategy game for the iPad and iPhone.

STEP 1 QUICKLY layout the required buildings and Place the 5 Provided Lumber Yards as shown in the picture.

Total War Battles Dust Before the Wind Lumber Yard Placement
Place the 5 Lumber Yards in the same pattern as shown here. You don't need to build anything else other than what is provided.

Step 2:  Now simply defend with (non wood) costing infantry. I use Matchlock Riflemen and basic Ronin Swordsmen. Place the riflemen 1 Hex Behind the swordsmen so they can still fire. (Devastating!) Replenish, Slay Them All, and Sustain are good General’s orders to queue up.

Playstation Move Charging station
Once you place the lumber yards (QUICKLY) immediately start creating (non-wood) costing soldiers and start queuing Generals Orders. With Riflemen right behind them, any swordsmen will mow down enemies.

Step 3:  Make sure to collect your wood and smile as you easily pass this level and move on while collecting another 400 Experience Points to spend on your clan’s efficiency!  BOOYA !

Dust Before The Wind Can you Beat my Score ?
Use my score as a target goal for yourself as usual! Good Luck out there