XBox Kinect Sports Table Tennis Hands On Ping Pong

XBox Kinect Sports Table Tennis Hands Tips Trick Booya Gadget

XBox Kinect Sports Table Tennis Hands Tips Trick

Considering that Kinect Sports Table Tennis has no actual Paddle, it does pretty well to show the sensor’s ability to track you. This is a fun game, but it is most certainly a party game. Sure, you could have an intense battle with an equally skilled opponent, but at the end of the day, you’re smacking the ball with a virtual open palm. An intense full-on ping pong simulation is not what every XBox owner out there wants anyways. I’m sure some of you reading this don’t mind a more casual game.. So to some people, Kinect’s Ping Pong is perfectly suited to their play style.

It will definitely take some time for you to acclimate yourself to Kinect Sports, let alone just driving with the Motion Sensor through the standard Dashboard functions. But, eventually, you’ll get it and it will become second nature. I primarily have been using the Move, and that is the exact path I took to learn, struggled a little at first, but now navigating with the Move is more of a mechanical routine.  We’ve also done a video and article on Racquet Sports for the PS3 Move.

XBox Kinect Sports Table Tennis Hands On Ping Pong AI

XBox Kinect Sports Table Tennis Hands On Ping Pong Character

The reason this matters, is because Ubisoft is the creator of the Kinect Sports Table Tennis mode.  There is one clear thing about this game, if you are into simulation, and want some serious competition like Balls of Fury, or Forrest Gump, then you may be disappointed.  If you are just chillin, and want to get off the couch and enjoy a casual ping pong game, then this will make you smile, like many of the other Kinect games. But there are many more modes if you aren’t down with Ping Pong. In summary, it’s a decent opening title, but I’m very happy with my PS3 Move Sports Champions thank you very much.

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