Free PSP MINI: A Space Shooter for Two Bucks!

*UPDATE* The FREE give-away for PS Plus Subscribers has expired*

PSN Plus Subscribers have been getting discounts and deal from the Playstation Store, but everybody loves Free Stuff.  So far the only free stuff for PS Plus Subscribers are some PS3 Themes and PSP MINIS.  Here is a look at one of the Free PSP Minis, A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks! The title says it all for this PSP Mini, it is a Space Shooter, but now it’s Free for all PSN Subscribers.

Best PSP MINIS  A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! Is Now FREE

Frima Studios brings us this vertically-scrolling arcade space shooter is worth every penny that you won’t spend on this game.  Unless  of course you are not a PSN Plus Subscriber, which then it will cost you the aforementioned 2 bucks.

For a two dollar shooter this game packs quite a big punch and will leave you very satisfied.  The game sports two different modes, a campaign mode and a survival mode. Either way you play the game the object is the same, KILL THE ALIENS.  While defeating the aliens you can earn money to upgrade your ship and make it alot easier to defeat the main bosses in the campaign.  Money gained in either mode can be used in either mode so it makes them both worth exploring.

You control Commander P. Jefferson’s space ship on a quest to rid the galaxy of space aliens.  The game has some pretty decent cut-scenes for such a small download and while all the scenes are static, the dialogue is creative and enjoyable.

Best PSP MINIS  A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! Is Now FREE (1)

I really enjoyed this game and it feels like a great throwback to great space shooters of the past like Galaga.  For a quick view of some of the banter and gameplay check out our short video.  I think you will find that for PSN Plus Subscribers, this FREE game is well worth it. So watch the video, follow us on Twitter and go Blast Some Alien Scum!



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