Amazon Instant Video on Samsung TV. How To and Review

I’ve had my Samsung 6500 Internet ready TV for about a year now and I’m still learning all of it’s capabilities.  A bit of a hidden feature, of this great smart T.V. is that it works great with Amazon Instant Video ( formerly known as Video on Demand ).   The streaming quality is great with my home networking setup ( DLink DIR 655 Router ) and you can stream HD, SD, and purchase videos directly on your awesome Samsung !  We’ll have a separate article, but this also works great using the browser on your Motorola Xoom !


The reason I’m writing this article is because it is NOT straightforward on how to set it up, so I want to help you capitalize on yet another cool feature for your hip T.V.   It’s not tough, and it is totally worth a few minutes setup so this easy, short article should help you tap into the Amazon video streaming service capabilities that this T.V. does very well and I am using it like crazy right now.  This article is definitely aimed #1 at people that own a Samsung smart T.V. with internet like my 6500 model, and #2 customers that have or are interested in Amazon Instant Video ( VOD ).

Samsung TV Amazon Instant Video 6500 VOD Booya Gadget

Dual Survivor Season 2 Looks Great on my Samsung


The reason you might like Amazon Instant Video is that it is simply another online / cloud video option.  As a user and power tester of mostly every online video service is, I would certainly urge you to at least consider if this service is right for you.  Amazon video’s strength to set it apart from Netflix, Vudu, Hulu and Google is NEW / RECENT Television programming.  For my testing over the past week, I have purchased and streamed High Def “I Am Number Four“, and also a bunch of NEW survival T.V. shows.  A new favorite of mine, Dual Survivor Season 2 happens to be the test subject for this article, but I also got hooked on “Out of the Wild“.  Both with Movies and TV shows, I am really happy with my T.V. streaming Amazon Instant Video.


The main “funky & confusing” thing about the Amazon service on your TV is that it does NOT have it’s own App selection on your Samsung Internet menu.  It is actually part of the Yahoo! Widget..  This is the biggest catch. Once setup, you will always select the Yahoo App to get to Amazon Instant Video.

  1. Open your internet menu on your Samsung TV, and open the Yahoo! app which is featured on your T.V.
  2. Once in Yahoo, open the “Widget Gallery”, Select Featured, and then Amazon Instant Video, then “Add Widget to My Profile”
  3. Now Amazon will be in your Yahoo Widget, select it and then you will need to “LINK” your TV to your Amazon Account.
  4. Fire up the Amazon app, FROM the Yahoo widget, this will give you a 4 digit code.  In step 5 You will Enter that code online ! Easy.
  5. To link your TV to your Amazon Account visit the Amazon “Register Your Device Page” from an internet browser and select your Device!  IT will then ask you for the  4 digit code which is staring at you on your Samsung.
  6. Now, enjoy your existing library, or try out a few purchases on Amazon Instant Video.  BOOYA !

Amazon Instant Video Samsung TV Web Setup Registered

Register online and on your TV, Voila !

Suprise Bonus #1: Signing up with my fancy TV got me a $5 bonus, which is essentially a FREE high Def movie rental ! ( just like Vudu :) )

Suprise Bonus #2:  If you happen to already have Amazon Prime Membership, you already get FREE Amazon video streaming included with your membership.  Only downside, is that I don’t think the free videos are that cool, but Free is Free …

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