EA FIFA 12, How to Quickly Customize your Arena Music.

If you play a ton of FIFA 12 you may get annoyed with the same song played over and over and over again while you’re in the arena.  EA has become pretty good about letting you customize music.   Assuming you already have some of your own music on your PS3 or XBox, it takes just a few minutes to customize and improve your game experience.  For me, that arena song about drives me crazy having played hundreds of games.  For this super-easy walkthrough I’m only adding music to the Arena & Menus of FIFA, I’d recommend you try this first it may be enough to satisfy you, you can add more customization later if you want.

Assumed step #1 is that already you have your own music on your PS3 or Xbox.  For the absolute BEST results I recommend that organize your own tracks into a playlist so you don’t play out your own favorites.

While I add every picture here and it may seem long, it’s not, it just takes a few minutes and I HIGHLY recommend customizing your EA Experience by adding your own beats.   You are rewarded with a Trophy/Achievement.


  1. Select Customise Fifa / My Music & Chants

    FIFA 12 Custom Music Step PS3 XBox 1

    Step1: select customise FIFA


    FIFA 12 Custom Music Step PS3 XBox 2

    Step 2: Choose CUSTOM MUSIC&CHANTS

  3. Select Edit Menu & Favourite Team Audio

    FIFA 12 Custom Music Step PS3 XBox 3

    Step 3: Select Edit Menu And Fav Tm Audio

  4. Select Arena & Menus under Game Event

    FIFA 12 Custom Music Step PS3 XBox 4

    Step 4: Arena & Menus A good place to try this out

  5. This is where you can select a single song from your console or a playlist(best) if you are setup with a custom playlist.  I chose a single Track for the purpose of this article.

    FIFA 12 Custom Music Step PS3 XBox 5

    Step 5 Decide on 1 track or a playlist

  6. Now you can see your own music, select the track(or playlist) that you’d like to play when generally in the arena, or even pre-game Pro Ranked Matches.

    FIFA 12 Custom Music Step PS3 XBox 6

    Step 6 pick your track or playlist

  7. The next option is to decide to apply your music selection to all events, or just the selected events. If you followed my pic, just select the single event so you can get a feel for where your custom FIFA music will be played, you can add more later.

    FIFA 12 Custom Music Step PS3 XBox 7

    Step 7: apply to EVERYTHING or just the Arena

  8. Earn yourself a Bronze Trophy “Sweet Music” as an extra bonus.

    FIFA 12 Custom Music Step PS3 XBox 8

    8: enjoy your trophy / achievement

  9. Once you’ve selected you track, it will take you back to the menu where you could apply your custom music to more events if desired.  I find the “Arena & Menus” good enough, but feel free to customize even more from here..

    FIFA 12 Custom Music Step PS3 XBox 9

    Review your changes. BOOYA ! So much better..



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  1. 808MicahB says:

    Wow! My default FIFA 12 background music was on so often it drove my wife crazy, i had to contemplate ending my FIFA pleasure for good. But i just customized my arena music and am loving the mix. Thanks Booya!

  2. BooyaCuz says:

    I am enjoying the custom beats in the arena big-time.
    I still highly recommend it, by far you’ve got to build a playlist. ( use it an all your EA or custom music soundtrack games ).

    Loving it! gets me pumped for prm and club… DO IT DO IT