How to factory reset Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Touch for sale

How to factory reset Kindle Touch for Sale

Here are my own pics as I prep my Kindle Touch for sale on Craigslist. Read on to see how to factory reset it for a good transfer to the new owner.

Need to know how to safely sell, give away, or donate your Amazon Kindle?  If you only want to factory reset, but keep your Touch or Paperwhite, then skip to step 2.  But if you’re looking to transfer ownership in some way then you MUST perform steps 1 and 2.

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Step 1 and Most importantly:  DE-REGISTER YOUR DEVICE

To transfer ownership, you have to de-register from Amazon.  If you don’t, then the new owner won’t be able to use the Kindle.

From the Home Screen select  MENU / SETTINGS / REGISTRATION
This will give you the option to DeRegister your Kindle right there.

You can also sign-in and de-register your Kindle (here) on the Amazon website, it will be listed under Manage Devices / Manage my Kindle


Step  1 How to deregister kindle Booya Gadget

Step 1 De Register your Kindle first.

 Step 2: Factory Reset the device


Confirm the double prompt message:  “This action will remove all downloaded or transferred content from your Kindle. You will still be able to download archived items. Do you want to reset your Kindle ?


kindle touch factory reset how to booya gadget

Reset your Kindle, confirm the prompt and your device will reset shortly.


Some buyers on craigslist were nervous because they even asked me “can I register it to my account?”.  Apparently there are scammers and thieves with stolen Kindles and were blocked by Amazon.  So when I sold mine recently here on Oahu,  I just brought my phone, shared my wifi and let the new owner register it before he left, which eased all fear.  I recommend doing that if you have the setup.

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