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Ford Sync Tips and Tricks Business Search

Ford Sync Tips and Tricks: Business Search with your Voice.

  The Ford Sync system is a wonderful head unit and navigation system for a vehicle.  It is a quite powerful system, and many of the features are easily performed simply by using your voice.  In this article I’m going to walk you through a cool capability, finding local businesses  using the “Business Search” commands.  I actually […]

How To Send Maps to your Ford Sync from Google and Mapquest

How To Send Maps to your Ford Sync from Google and Mapquest

I love my 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid with Ford Sync and sending maps TO MY CAR from my computer or phone is one of my favorite features so far and I use it all the time.  In fact, for all Ford,Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles with Microsoft-powered “Sync Services” it is easy to send your maps […]

How To add Custom images to Ford Sync Booya Gadget

How To add custom pictures to Ford Sync Nav

It’s really easy to add your own custom images to the home screen of your Ford Sync Navigation system powered by Microsoft.  In my case I have  a 2011 Lincoln MKZ hybrid, but these easy steps will apply to your fancy Nav system on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.  It’s a nice way to customize […]

How to remove Headliner 2006 toyota tacoma

How to Remove Your Headliner Toyota Tacoma 2006

This article containing thorough detail, 50 pictures, and 2 HD videos will show you how to remove the headliner for a sweet project like sound deadening, GPS wiring, satellite antenna, or mirror mounted backup cameras. Removing the headliner in your vehicle is more scary than difficult.  In my 2006 4 door Tacoma it took about […]

Backup Camera Demo Night Vision vs Day DBC366 Must See Booya Gadget how To

Vehicle Backup Camera DIY Toyota Installation Demo Review

I have always wanted a backup camera in my vehicle, but never had one.  I love learning and working on my own Car Audio Video installation work so after previewing forums and videos as much as possible, I decided I could do this project.  If you’re reading this, and interested in backup cameras, I strongly […]

PSP USB Car Audio & Video FT Antoine Dodson- Bed Intruder (1) Booya Gadget

PSP USB Car Audio & Video FT Antoine Dodson- Bed Intruder

Time to bust out your PSP or PSPGo in your vehicle with a USB enabled Head Unit. You can play all your movies, and music easily with a simple, fast connection. In a future video and blog post, we will show you how to actually play games from your PSP on the Head Unit in […]

Mobile Television Car Video booya gadget tailgating tips

Tailgating tips: Watch TV in your Truck Bed or car

Have a truck or vehicle with a power outlet ? Like tailgating,bbq,or camping ? Here’s a vid showing how you can quickly set up OTA HD cable in your vehicle. With a couple pieces of equipment like the Hauppauge 1191 HVR950Q HDTV USB TV Tunerit can be easy ! As you can see in this […]

Hauppauge 950q Watch High Def TV Booya Gadget

3 Cool ways to use a Hauppauge 950q TV Antenna

If you watch a lot of sporting events or other TV here’s how you can build a setup using the Hauppauge 950Q to watch the games on up to 3 TV screens, outside, or even on the road from your vehicle ! Best part is that I turned my cable off months ago, all i’m […]

Watch Movies in the Car with USB Flash Drive

Watch movies in the car from a usb drive

BooyaGadget really loves working with music and video streaming anywhere we go… I really like being mobile, so I have some features I must have when it comes to vehicles.   This quick video shows you the usb video setup I use in my truck. The key for my setup is to have a video ready […]

Stream Pandora from Blackberry in your vehicle with BlueTooth

Stream Pandora from Blackberry in your vehicle with BlueTooth

I hope you’ve at least tested your Android or Blackberry in your Car.  If your head unit has bluetooth built in you can easily connect your phone and play Pandora on the road, Mobile Pandora, Nice! Here’s a quick video demonstration showing you how you can stream pandora in your vehicle using BlueTooth, and a […]