Best PSP Tips: Hot Shots Tennis Adhoc Party Multi-Player

By Booya Gadget

Using the PS3 Adhoc Party feature, we connected over the internet on our PSPs.. HS Tennis was extra fun as a doubles game, but I wish it had stand-alone multiplayer, but adHoc party fills in ok. AdHoc party is a good solution if you want to share a game with a friend over the ps3/internet, or team up like we did for co-op comp stomp.

Adhoc Party is a PS3 app that you can download from the Playstation Network. The program allows you to use your PS3 as a relay to PSPs around the world. In this example we created a room withing Adhoc Party so we could play the new release Hot Shots Tennis.

One of the users needs to create a room for all the users to join. This room then gives you the ability to voice/text chat with your friends thru the PS3. Your PS3 blutooth headset works with Adhoc Party and will continue to work as long as all the users remain in this room.

Hot Shots Tennis PSP Ad Hoc Multiplayer Booya Gadget
Hot Shots Tennis PSP Ad Hoc Multiplayer

Now you are ready to play a game. Pick up your PSP and launch the game that you want to play. For Hot Shots Tennis I created a Clubhouse and set up the match rules. Once my game was set up my PSP icon on the PS3 lit up and the other users in my group can begin to search for my game on their PSP. Essentially it is as if we are all sitting in my family room and our PSPs are communicating directly.

The following video shows the action from the other side of the communication.

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