PS3 Eye Demo PS3 Firmware 3.4

By Booya Gadget

PS3 Eye Demo PS3 Firmware 3.4 simple demonstration

Playstation Eye Create Demo
Playstation Eye Create Demo

The PlayStation Eye is a cool little device, no it’s not a Kinect, but it is actually a solid little device that is stable, and has some basic video editing software available as well.. We tested the video chat functionality, it is cool and works well. In the video I reference “eye connect” but it is actually “eye create” whoops !

I grabbed this now in anticipation of the ps3 move which magically works with the Eye in some manner which we will show you when the Move is released this fall..

The dumbest thing about the Eye with firmware 3.4 is that it blocks you from cutting your video and uploading to youtube. This is very silly, how is that copyrighted information ? How does it Hurt Sony to allow this? It doesn’t.

So the workaround is simply to insert a USB thumbstick to the PS3, copy your new footage to the usb, and copy it right back and overwrite the original video file on the ps3, THEN you can use firmware 3.4 to upload to youtube private or public!