Sports Champions Facebook: How To Upload Victory Poses

By Booya Gadget

Uploading your 'victory poses' from Sports Champions after winning a Cup is a cool little feature added by  This article is all you need to see how it works.

Sports Champions Facebook Upload WSU Bocce Cup booya gadget
Sports Champions Facebook Upload WSU Bocce Cup

However, it’s a little tricky so if you find yourself here, know that I had to ask the same question.  The task, in general, is not complicated but I will show you how to do it, as well as the Gotcha’s involved which can foil your plan.

I will begin with the #1 GOTCHA that I found:  you can’t upload your pictures to Facebook if you skipped this step after winning a Cup Championship in any mode.  Maybe this will get patched as it should, or the pictures should be accessible from the Playstation XMB Photos tab.  Because I can record all my gameplay with the Hauppauge HD PVR, I can get around this, but for the average non-blog writing Sports Champs owner you’re screwed unless you are OK with snapping a picture of your TV with your Cell Phone.   If you want to know how to EASILY upload ( or simply view ) your classic Victory Poses then I recommend following these simple steps.

1.  Setup your Facebook Account First. I linked my accounts going to the PS3 XMB/Dashboard and then PHOTOS.   Once in photos, you can select the UPLOAD option and you will have a choice to link to Picasa and or Facebook.   Select Facebook, and then take a few minutes to add your UserName Password.   This is not required, just easier as you can link your accounts the first time you win a Cup if you never have.

Sports Champions Facebook Upload Select FB XMB booya gadget
Facebook Upload Select FB XMB Victory pose

2.  Whether or not you followed step 1, the next step is to win a Cup. Of course, you are forced to begin with the Easiest, BRONZE CUP.  This cup is beginner level, and obviously the easiest.  You should be able to win a cup w/in a couple of hours on certain game modes.

  • So, if you just want to see all your sweet “Victory Poses” and you have ALREADY won Sports Champions Cup Challenges, then simply start the game like you’re going to play..
  • Go to CHAMPIONS CUP, select the cup that you won already in the past, and hit SQUARE to see your “VICTORY POSE”. Voila.

REMEMBER:  The sad thing is that if you don’t upload to facebook when you have the chance ( immediately after winning a cup ) then you can’t upload it. ( Developers need to repair this ! )

Sports Champions Facebook Upload Ping Pong booya gadget
Facebook Upload Ping Pong Trophy Pose
Sports Champions Facebook Upload FB Create Album Menu booya gadget
Facebook Upload FB Create Album Menu
Sports Champions Facebook Upload Bocce Gold Cup booya gadget
Sports Champions Facebook Upload Bocce Gold Cup