PSP Tips and Tricks: How To Watch NBA Games on your PSP and PS3


There is no doubt that here at Booya Gadget we love to get more out of our gadgets.  The PSP is a very versatile gadget.  Remote Play gives the PSP the ability to do some very interesting things that it normally couldn't do on it's own.

NBA League Pass PSP PS3 booya gadget

Harnessing the power of the PS3, but giving you the mobility of the PSP makes Remote Play a very valuable feature.

Booya Gadget has already shown you how to break out of the house and remotely connect to your PS3 via a public WiFi network.  Using the WiFi network at a local McDonalds we were able to connect to our PS3 and stream movies, music and even play a game. Remote Play remote Wifi McDonalds

However, one feature we didn’t access was the ability to use the internet browser on the PS3 to stream live content directly to your PSP.

NBA League Pass Broadband

The NBA has a subscription service that allows users to stream all live NBA games to their PC or in this case their PS3.  The service is excellent and is great product for an NBA fan.  You can get all the information on NBA League Pass Broadband here.  This Booya is going to stream a live NBA game right to our PSP.  NBA Broadband is a subscription service so this Booya will only work for those NBA customers.

Remotely Connect to your PS3

First you will need to get connect to your Playstation.  Under the network tab on your PSP you will see an icon for Remote Play.  Selecting this icon will launch the remote play app and turn on your PS3.  Remember to set up your PS3 to allow this connection.  Once you are remotely controlling your PS3 it is time to launch the internet browser.  Navigate over to and launch NBA Broadband League Pass.  Once you are logged in to your account you will be able to access the game menu.

NBA LP Game Selection Screen Booya Gadget
NBA LP Game Selection Screen

Using the PSP Analog Stick you can navigate around the screen to select the game you want to watch.  The Directional pad won’t work in this situation.  Click the watch button under your game and it will load the stream.  If you are having trouble loading your stream open your browser settings and clear your Cache.

NBA LP Game Loading Screen Booya Gadget
NBA LP Game Loading Screen

The loading screen will be dependent on your internet connection.  When the stream begins you can move the screen around to center your video feed.  Never hit the fullscreen button on the NBA App.  For some reason this crashes the application.  It is best to just manually adjust the screen to your liking.  Once you have set the screen in place sit back and enjoy the game.

NBA LP Heat V Rockets Booya Gadget
NBA LP Heat vs Rockets

Don’t forget you can always just cut out the middle man and watch these games directly on your PS3.  Hopefully Sony has plans to give us an App like the NHL and MLB Apps already on the XMB.